How to create digital products from scratch

If you are wondering how to create digital products you are in the right place because I will show you how you can do it from scratch even without experience.

How to create digital products

Hello! Welcome, once again friend I am glad to see you here. Today I have a very cool topic to share with you, digital products are everything for your online business and I am going to teach you how to create digital products from scratch. Interested? Keep reading!

Next year is very close and I hope you are reaching your goals but in case you are not, do not worry because next year will be your year.

how to create digital products
The proper way.
Digital products

The basics

Internet and network marketing is the art of promoting products or services from other people but also your own stuff, in other words, your own product or service.

Creating a product is hard because you need some experience and it should be something very helpful for your customers.

A single product cannot make a difference but you need to be smart, there is no need to create 20 products from nowhere because you can promote great affiliate products to start with.

Experienced marketer

What you will do

Once you have your first product you need to work hard so you can add more and create your own sales funnel with different products related to each other adding more value.

Your first product

Simple and quick

A product could be anything, there is no need to create a physical product at all! It could be an ebook, a report, a series of videos, private training, private coaching, live webinars, etc. Pretty basic stuff for you to know about how to create digital products.

Creating a product

How to do it properly

If you are here to learn how to create a digital product from scratch, you are about to know how to do it properly.

With a blog, you can do it easily but in case you do not have one do not worry because you can do it too.

First I am going to show you how you can do it while having your own blog.

Find a popular topic inside your blog and mix a couple of articles on the same topic or similar topic. Do not just copy and paste, write everything from zero again but based on your articles.

Add new content as a bonus, people love the extra stuff! Believe me.

This is very simple, right? Doing this you can create an ebook pretty fast and easily. Do you see where I am going?

how to create digital products
Leverage is very important.
More products

What you can do

In case you have a YouTube channel there is no difference, find popular videos and create a special video with all the great content your audience love.

Add valuable new content and you have a new digital product, in this case, a long training video or a series where you share awesome value for a price.

Always add more, there is no reason to do it just from your videos because people can watch them for free on YouTube. Adding more value will be your business strategy.

If you are a good teacher you can coach other people and help them achieve their goals, your product will be your time in this case.

A report could be a great starting point because you can create one based on real results, maybe your first sale, your experience making traffic, etc.

No blog or channel?

You can do it as well

Anything could be a product! To start with, make something helpful for free so you can start building your own email list. That is the way to go.

You can promote other products to your list, make traffic and also promote your own products!

In case you do not have a blog or YouTube channel, you can find inspiration and knowledge from other blogs or channels so you can create your own original content.

Remember, do not just copy and paste, leverage the new knowledge to create something new and helpful.

There is no need to have your own products or sales funnel when you are starting out. You can find a couple of sites where you can promote affiliate products to make a commission.

What other people say

You are not them

Lots of people say that making traffic is the easiest part but that is only because they have a budget and the experience to do it. Beginners do not have experience or budget.

That is normal, do not worry! They started the same way, if they can, you can. You can find a lot of tutorials about how to create digital products but what I am teaching you is very simple and I know you can do this.

Pretty simple, right? You know exactly how to create a new digital product from scratch even with no experience.

Final notes


There is no excuse not to do it. If you have a blog, leverage your actual content, if you have a YouTube channel leverage your actual videos.

In case you do not have any of that, leverage the knowledge you learn by reading or watching content! Now, you know exactly how to create digital products.

Never copy, you should never do that. Be original and create something new but most importantly, be a problem solver and create a helpful product.

That is all for today, I hope you find it helpful. Do you have any experience creating your own digital products? Share it with me in the comments below so other people can learn from you as well.

If you have any questions related to this topic, do not hesitate and ask! I will try my best to help you out. Have an amazing week friend.

Best regards,

Struggling on social networks? You need a social media plan.

Wondering why you are not making the results you want on social media? I know why! It is because you do not have a social media plan.

Social media plan

Hello! You have a great timing my friend because today I am sharing with you a complete guide about how to create a social media plan to stop struggling on social networks.

Are you ready to skyrocket your social accounts? Keep reading to find out how you can do it.

social media plan
You need a plan if you want to make results.
Your social media plan

Not random things

Having a solid social media plan will benefit your brand, what is the point of doing random things with no analytics, no goals, and poor execution?

With a plan, you can track your results, add or remove things but most importantly, take small and achievable goals down in a short time.

How this affect your brand?

Pretty much everything

A social media plan will make a huge difference when talking about growing your business and spread your voice out there into the wildness.

Tons and tons of free traffic are waiting for you and for your awesome content. This is not something new but most brands do not even know how to do it properly.

Finding your audience can take some time but with achievable small goals, you can start making a difference and gaining loyal followers.

The free mode

What we all want

Social media is about free and paid traffic, you need to do much more work for free methods and less work for paid methods.

Unless your brand is well-known as any other big brand out there, there is no point on talking all the time about you and your products, people do not care.

Instead, you should focus on providing help and value to your audience, we all love to find free value. Think for a second and put yourself into the shoes of a potential follower. What are you looking for?

Depending on your niche it would be some funny content, interesting content, marketing reports, your own experience, etc.

Knowing your audience

The real deal

This is why you need to know exactly who your audience is because you need to create content for that target.

You can always check your competitors to see what they do and what work for them so you can duplicate their results, not copying just finding inspiration.

When I am following something I like, I constantly check if there is something new or just talking to the community, not because I want them to check my stuff but because I really care.

That is exactly what you need to create for your audience so they stay engage and active.

Interact with people interested in your content, make them feel at home and share quality content, do not throw bullshit to them just to add more content.

I always say the same so pay attention, no matter what you do if you share unique and awesome content, the traffic and engage will come for sure, people love valuable content, that is not a surprise.

Which social network to choose?

Your best is the best

I recommend you to try a single social network first because if you try 5 at the same time when you are starting, you will feel lost and overwhelmed.

Besides, investing all your energy into one single network will benefit you because you can become an expert pretty soon.

Pick any network you like to start with, when you start seeing results and you feel like you can add another one, just do it and repeat!

Be like a snowball, start small and become big!

The plan

Small and achievable goals

This is the best part, before doing anything, make your social media plan writing your main goals down.

Now, to reach those goals you need to do small things over and over, that is the best way to achieve the final goals.

For example, some of your main goals are having 100k followers and 5k engage stats. Looks quite impossible, right? You will feed demotivated for not achieving those goals and probably give up.

This is exactly why you need a social media plan to reach your goals. Break all of them into small and achievable goals.

Your first small goal could be having 100 followers, looks better and you can do it in a short time.

Your second small goal could be having 10 engage stats per week, you can do it as well.

See where I am going?

Add more and more small goals until you reach your main goals, reaching these milestones will give you motivation!

Make sure to create a routine to follow, it could be something like creating 2 or 3 pieces of content to share, find your number and stick with it.

Finding followers could be hard, losing them is very easy. This is your business, there is no “today I do not work”, maybe your dreams were not big enough.

social media plan extra
This is the key for your success.
Be social


This is not secret science. People love a good content but if you are just a “brand” they will not feel like they are part of.

As I told you before big brands do not need that, for example, Coca-Cola post a new product and the people just flip out they do not need to build relationships but you are not Coca-Cola.

Talk to them, build relationships, laugh with them, be human.

Final notes


You know exactly what to do now, write your main goals and break them into small and achievable goals.

Take them all down one by one.

Make a routine and create good habits, stay focus and apply your strategy every single day. If you cannot handle everything, you can always outsource what you need.

Your social media plan should not be just posting good content and taking small goals down, connect with people and talk to them! Let them know you and help them if they need it.

Ask them for help too, they are your awesome and loyal followers after all.

No matter if you do free or paid methods, always track your stats so you can see what is getting results and what is not giving you benefits, remove these useless time-consuming things so you can add new stuff.

Analytics are always helpful because you can know where your audience is from and you can adapt your schedule for them.

Do you have any social media plan? Are you getting results? Are you struggling to get started?

What is your biggest issue when trying to add social media to your brand? Share with me your experience so I can do my best to help you out.

If you have a good experience I would love to read your story as well, maybe other people can benefit from your knowledge and build a relationship from an external blog.

Nothing else to say, have an amazing day my friend.

Best regards,