The Importance of Blogging Leverage. All you have to know about this powerful strategy.

The importance of blogging leverage is well known but in case you are not aware of it here you can learn this powerful strategy.

Importance of Blogging Leverage

Hello, friend! Welcome once again to my little blog inside this huge internet jungle. Today I feel very good and I have a lot of energy so I am looking forward to making lots of small goals this amazing week. Today I have a wonderful topic to share with you, I will be sharing my experience about the importance of blogging leverage and why you should do it.

Leverage is super important because you create valuable help with old content, simple experience or even results. Are you interested?

Importance of blogging leverage
Powerful business strategy for your blog.
Leverage definition


Leverage is the use of various financial instruments or borrowed capital, such as margin, to increase the potential return of an investment.

The basics

All you have to know about it

Knowing the definition you are probably wondering how the hell you are going to leverage your blog, relax! I got you mate.

Leverage is very global and massive, even if the definition talks about financial instruments, borrowed capital, and a return of investments you can apply this rule to your blog pretty easily.

Here is where the importance of blogging leverage makes a triumphant entrance, you can leverage all your old content to create new, fresh and valuable content to share and help people.

Content is just one simple thing you can leverage, but the reality is that you can leverage everything you want, for example, your experience, any result you are getting or had before, there is no limit on what you can leverage.

How to do it?

Simple way but effective

To enhance your blog all you have to do is to find good old content to leverage so you can create a free ebook for example with lots of posts related to a single topic like email marketing.

Everything begins with the first step.

You can leverage your experience writing a new blog post, you can leverage your new knowledge after watching a video, after reading a book or after getting any kind of result that someone will find it helpful.

The importance of blogging leverage is pretty high and you need to implement it inside your strategy, your online presence will improve but also your small business authority as a problem solver.

Be creative

There is no limit here

There is no limit on what you can leverage, use your mind. For example, did you make your first sale online? or your very first money online? Well, you can sell a full report on forums or even on your blog.

If you do not have your own ebook because you are busy there is no better way than leverage, use your old blog posts to create a new and fresh content, of course, do not just copy and paste, add more value and great bonuses because people love it!

Even to make a guest post you can collect all the information you have to create some unique and valuable post that will help you get noticed, add backlinks and build new relationships.

Importance of leverage
Be sure to make it a priority.
Do not copy and paste

Never ever, just be original

There is no need to do this. If people can read all of your blog posts why should they download your free ebook with nothing new? Use your content as a base to create a new content based on that.

People will find it lazy if you just copy and paste to leverage, you do not need to write all over again because you had the topic and almost everything to cover, it will be pretty simple to add more value and change some things. Maybe you can delete irrelevant content because your old you is not as good as your actual you.

Leverage it is very important and that is something you need to implement inside your strategy online. You can leverage anything, for example, you did your first sale or your first money online? Well, you can sell a report on forums or your website, you can make a report based only on your knowledge and do the same, a report to sell or could be an ebook to build your email list. Are you learning new tricks right? I know you are clearly seeing the importance of blogging leverage.

The best is yet to come.

New income stream

Making money

You can create new income streams, as I told you there is no limit here and you can make money if you think properly.

The same way you can make an ebook, you can create a full course to sell in your sales funnel or give it for free, it is up to you what to do with it.

Final notes


Learning the importance of blogging leverage will help your blog and small business in different ways. Not only you can drive new targeted traffic, make sales, create new income streams, write an ebook, create products like a course, you can even create guest posts or new content for your blog.

Be creative because anything can be valuable, any result such as making money online, making your first sale, creating a blog, generating traffic, making videos or even the software you use can be used for leverage.

Are you learning from a mentor? Leverage everything you learn and help other people teaching them all your new knowledge.

I learned all these techniques from different sources, mentors, mistakes, blogs, videos, books and even social media. It’s a cycle that never ends, once you get used to it, you will do it almost with everything.

The good parts? It cost you nothing at all, it helps to save your valuable time, build relationships, create new income streams, drive targeted traffic, create new content and push your reputation higher.

Think outside the box, leverage your skills, your knowledge, your experience, your mistakes, your results, your vision, your content and your passion.

Do not forget to be awesome.

Provide quality over quantity, please remember this words, ok? Start making some wonderful leverage right now!

Are you fully aware of the importance of blogging leverage now? Are you going to take action? Please leave a comment below and share any experience you have with leverage, I would love to read about it. If not, just share your thoughts about your new leverage knowledge so I can know if it was helpful for you.

I truly hope to inspire you with this post, you have no limits! You can do so many things now, I am sure you have some great ideas, take action and believe in your skills my friend. Have a good day.

Best Regards,

Sales Funnel Stages, solid information for your business

All sales funnel stages to help your business and create a good sales funnel with a proper structure, improve your sales process right now.

Sales Funnel Stages

Hello, friend! Always a pleasure to see you here again. I am quite late today but that does not mean I am not going to write a great blog post for you.

Today I want to talk and teach you about sales funnel stages which are very important to understand how it works because having one will help a lot, could be yours or not both ways are ok. Sounds good? I hope you can grow and expand even more your online business.

sales funnel stages
Each stage is important to build a great sales funnel.
What is a sales funnel?

Simple definition

Sales funnel known as sales process or even revenue funnel refers to the buying process from customers or leads when purchasing products from you or the sales funnel you are promoting. A sales funnel is divided into different stages depending on the particular sales model.

Sales funnel stages

Just 5 stages

  1. Awareness
  2. Discovery
  3. Entry-level
  4. Buying process
  5. Follow-up
Is this for you?

I think this is for you

Yes, a million times yes. Even if it is hard, even if it takes time, even if you do not know how to do it, you need it. The sales funnel will be your main source of income and tool as well, look at it as the main pillar of your business.

Now, you need a lot of experience to understand the sales funnel stages, also you need to create from scratch your own products. Do not worry too much because you can always promote a sales funnel from other people until you have your own.

Do a good research because you do not want to promote bullshit products to your awesome clients, leads, and followers. Meanwhile, you gain experience to build yours.

Creating Products

The best way to do it

This could sound hard but I think you already have a lot of content to work with. You know about leverage? Basically, you create new stuff based on old stuff.

For example, you have your own blog about social media marketing and you did lots of content about Pinterest. You can create a forum thread, a YouTube video or an e-book with that content, not the exact content (copy and paste) but similar, even adding more value and content.

This is not spam, it is leverage. Giving you this example is a clear idea that you can create a video course, ebooks, reports or even webinars for your sales funnel, these are all products done from scratch.

If you do not have anything, well the best way to approach this will be working with an external sales funnel until you can do it by yourself, but remember to make a good research because you do not want to work with someone scamming people, your people.

The two options

Just A or B

As I said before, you have two different options, create your own sales funnel or work with one already in use. Of course, you will do commissions from it but if you have your own sales funnel you get 100%.

When talking about sales funnel stages, no matter what you choose the process is the same, yours or not you need to drive targeted traffic, you can do it paying for traffic or using free methods such as social media, forums, etc.

Proved sales funnel + targeted traffic = sales

How it works

Awareness and discovery, anyone can do it

All sales funnel stages are important but for me, the most important one is the first stage which is brand awareness. For people to buy, you need to be trustworthy and the only way to do it is by having a great branding, content and engage.

The second stage is discovery, in this case when people find you. For example, if you have a blog about marketing and you offer a free ebook about how anyone can create a viral post in exchange of just an email, people interested in your content will be very likely to get it.

Once they get it, you have new people in your email list and you can start promoting your products from the sales funnel. Direct prospects interested in your content, your knowledge, and your experience!

You think that you have better chances to make a sale promoting the products directly or offering a free product to build trust, engage and help people? Of course the second one.


The door of the sales funnel

So far you know about awareness, discovery and some basic email marketing to build your list of future clients, now you need to know how a sales funnel really works.

The most common strategy is to offer a very cheap product as entry level, something that people can pay for with an insane value, the more value and help you provide with the entry level the most effective your sales funnel will be.

This product should be amazing, you basically need two main products, the entry-level and the high ticket.

The entry-level product lead people to keep buying from you and the high ticket is your best and most expensive product, probably the last one, this would be one of the last sales funnel stages.

sales funnel stages
Follow each stage to get all the befenits.
Buying Process

From cheap to expensive

Now, you need to add more products and value between them, you cannot go from entry-level to high ticket right away.

For example, you could add monthly subscriptions to make weekly webinars, private coaching or just more courses, ebooks, etc.

Each stage offers a new opportunity, more expensive than the previews one but the key is that all products are related to each other. Inside a proper sales funnel, you find products that complement the others.

Take note of the difference of scamming people and offering really related content. You cannot offer something incomplete because you want them to buy the second product, that is a pure scam, never ever do this. Instead, offer an amazing product full of detail opening a new door to a related content they may find it helpful.

Just a quick example, your first product, in this case, an ebook about how to create an email list leads to a second product about how to start your own sales funnel.

Make sure to add a viable way to pay, for example, PayPal which is global, very common and trustworthy.

Trust is part of all sales funnel stages, the high ticket is the best product with the most value, the most expensive one as well. Maybe you need to make 100 sales from the cheap entry-level to make what you need but maybe that is just a single sale from your high ticket, you see where I am going?

I know that making high ticket sales is not easy but I am just showing you an example of what you can do and achieve with hard work and a proper sales funnel.


Value and help

You always need to offer value, if not people will not buy from you. If someone of your readers submits their email to get your free gift, that is not the only thing you need to offer other products.

Keep sending emails, contact them on social media or directly speak with them on Skype, help them all you can and keep building a relationship with them in the process.

Then, and only then you can promote the next level of your sales funnel, if you follow properly all sales funnel stages, you will succeed.

Be serious and professional, here is a detailed example of the whole process:

  1. Mr. Z searches for information on Google.
  2. Mr. Z finds your blog.
  3. Mr. Z gets your free gift.
  4. Mr. Z gets your daily or weekly tips for free.
  5. Mr. Z buys your entry-level product after promotion.
  6. Step 4 again.
  7. Mr. Z buys your second product.
  8. Step 4 again.
  9. Mr. Z buys your high ticket.

Take note that this is just an example, you can even generate leads from your social media accounts directly, maybe in webinars, forums or any other strategy.

Once someone receives your free gift it will know more about you, what you offer and how good your stuff is. If you keep delivering help, this person will be very likely to buy your entry-level product.

Now, there is a lot more trust, a lot more knowledge, a lot more engage and most important, hungry for more.

This person knows how good your products are so far, it is becoming a loyal client so far, it is pretty common to be hungry for more, very likely to end up buying your high ticket product.

Interact with your email list, instead of just writing default content to send them on a regular basis, write good content and be real. Even if one email is just to promote a blog post, that is showing love and caring about your leads instead of sending robotic emails aiming for sales only.

Show results on social media to get more attention, let people know you because that is the first step to being trustworthy. When talking about leads, most of them are quite cold traffic and you need to warm them up before sending a new offer.

The best way to warm up leads is to deliver quality content, be a problem solver and never scam. Your reputation is everything, remember it.

Final Notes


I hope you understand now all sales funnel stages now, it could be complex but this is something you need to know and understand.

This could be the main pillar of your income and the primary structure for your entire business. Work hard to be where you want to be, improve your branding awareness, let people find you, offer value and help!

That is everything you need to start promoting a sales funnel, yours or not. You have a better understanding of each stage and also how everything works, now is up to you to get things done, take action and stop dreaming.

Have experience with sales funnels? Please share your experience with it so other people can benefit from your knowledge. What type of funnel do you have? Is it working fine? Are you missing some essential stage?

I hope you are doing fine and learned a lot with this blog post my friend, see you!

Best Regards,