Best blogging tips to skyrocket your blog right now

More and more! Now it is time for the best blogging tips to add even more value to the rest of the blogging tips posts. You can find helpful tips and ideas to improve your blog right now, are you excited?

Best blogging tips

Best blogging tipsย you are looking for

Hello, friend! How are you? Maybe not so good because you are struggling to get your blog better but do not worry too much about it because I can help you out. I am doing fine in case you are wondering, today is a beautiful day and I hope to help you with the best blogging tips you are hungry for, enjoy it.

Best blogging tips
More awesome tips for your blog!

General tips

The more important rule you need to follow first is to never copy anything. There is no point trying to be someone else because what works for you could be very different from what works for them. Instead, you should create your own style and offer what you have and know.

Always the truth, no matter what. Never lie or mislead, trust is very hard to earn but too easy to be lost. Anyone can make mistakes, do not worry about that either just try your best and be yourself. Help people telling the truth and not trying to use them.

When talking about best blogging tips what comes to my mind first is to be unique and awesome. You can find a ton of bad stuff out there, you do not need to add more, focus on yourself and being helpful. You need to stand out mate, make things happen.

Find yourself, sounds pretty easy but could be hard to do it, be patience because it is important and it takes someย time to find yourself. You can achieve it by working hard, being active and taking massive action.

Since you have your main topic just create content about it, if your blog is all about sports do not make a free ebook about cooking or a post related to movies.


Growth and community

Stats can be helpful but do not focus too much on your numbers, in the beginning, being obsessed with your daily numbers can be negative. You can lose your motivation and that is the first step for quitting.

Instead of losing time, you need to understand a very simple thing, your blog will not have tons of traffic just after writing few articles because people cannot find you. Even if they do, they do not know how serious you are because you are totally new.

When you feel ready, you can install Google Analytics to start tracking your stats but if you do it from day one. Please remember not to get obsessed with your stats. Good things take time, you can do this! Be patient and work hard.

Making the content easy to share can help a lot, one of the best blogging tips I can say. Most of the stuff shared online is done through social networks like Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, etc. You should help your readers so they can share it more easily, adding plugins for example. If they need to do some crazy shit and waste 15 minutes to share your post, they will not even bother but if you offer a one-click share, that is all they need.

Encourage your readers, you can write unfinished posts and ask your readers to complete the article or create a debate around it. This could be good even when you do not have an audience because you engage with new people who may turn into a reader. Yes, this is your blog but they love being part of it too and this is a great way to do it.

Underestimate the power of networking can kill you, if you are not taking action on a regular basis it will be hard for you to have a solid foundation. Networking goes even deeper than just social media and audience, networking is also about personal contacts. Your personal contact could be other blogger or just a random person but with things in common, you help people, they help you, you grow, they grow.

Doing all by yourself all the time will not benefit you, find people like you and help each other!

Old content


Write about actual things, old content could be irrelevant. Focus on creating a resource, some people remove their date from the post because when people are finding something and see that the content is 3 years old they will probably ignore it. Not all the times but it happens.

Now, if you are adding more and more value, it does not matter how old the post is because you are up to date, I am just talking about old posts with not a single update.

Old content is irrelevant, only when you are not improving your actual content. Reviving old posts is a good idea, even more, if some of them are getting better results than the rest. Focus on improving those to get more reach.

Do not write too little or too much, for example doing more than 300 words sounds pretty good and to the point but a post with 5.000 words could be quite a lot. Unless you have a lot of readers you need to attract them with awesome and short content but if you feel like doing an insane blog post just do it but at least try your best to make every word count. Be an expert.

Always have a point, do not just word-vomit your readers, they do not deserve it, instead, share with them the best of you in a simple way. Simple things work much better! I am doing exactly that right now, just doing my best trying to help other bloggers with what I think are the best blogging tips.

Be honest, if you are wrong just admit it, we are not perfect and we learn from mistakes like any other person.

Short sentences are better, to the point wins all the time, that is all.

What you need

Motivation and inspiration

Giving up is not an option here, a successful blogger is the one who never gives up, that’s the reason why they find their success. People think they are lucky but they ignore all the years of failures and frustration behind it.

Write as often as possible, capture all your ideas and turn them into blog posts in the future. Having something to write down your ideas at any time is a very good idea. Maybe when you want to write something you have no ideas but you find something awesome when taking a bus a random day but then when you want to remember your idea, you cannot. That is why you should always have something to write your ideas, your phone can work well.

These are my best blogging tips for you, I love reading other blog posts about it because everyone shares their own experience. You can learn new things all the time even if you are an expert so I truly hope you find at least one useful tip here.

Expect some critics, having people hating you could be a sign that you are doing something right. You are getting regular traffic and engage. Everyone will not like you, people like different things and we have different opinions as well, just be prepared.

Look at the good side, maybe you can find good tips from critics.

Final notes


The blogging word can be hard but only because the internet is massive, there is not a quick guide or path to take. You need to take the stairs like everyone else here. Work hard from day one and keep being active, do your best all the time and get better by doing it.

The experience will help you in the future, you can also leverage all your knowledge into blog posts, videos or whatever you want. Be positive because the only thing holding you back is you.

You know something awesome and want to share it? Feel free to do it so we can all learn the best blogging tips out there from different people. Just leave a comment below so other bloggers can benefit from your experience!

That is everything for now friend, I truly hope to help you in this long journey. These are my best blogging tips I can share with you, now is all up to you to take action. Have a good day mate.

Best Regards,

Author: Nicolas Puegher

Blogger and entrepreneur. I like to share my experience to help people but also give good vibes and motivation.

60 thoughts on “Best blogging tips to skyrocket your blog right now”

  1. Excellent post and not being obsessive about the numbers is so true. In the beginning, I spent a lot of time going over the numbers but not anymore and it reduces your stress levels. Just be you and write in your voice and all will be well.

    1. Yes, being addicted to numbers can be a bad thing when starting out and people get too depressed for not finding their expected number. Keep doing your thing and focus on building a great foundation first, thanks for the comment Chris.

    2. I find it so hard not to obsess about the numbers. How many FB shares did I get this month? How many pageviews? Is my content making any money? And so on. But, this can hurt any blog/site especially in the beginning when these numbers are going to be 0 for some time. For me, it’s hard not to focus on numbers because that’s what drives me: going from 0 to a certain number I set as a goal. For anyone starting a new blog I would say: have big goals but start out small. If you want 10.000 visitors monthly start by getting your first 10 in the first 30 days. Then grow to 100 for the next 30 days and so on.

      1. Great advice Jon, numbers are pretty much everything for a business but if you can’t get the results you want it will be hard for you to keep going. That’s the “why” behind not being obsessed with numbers, you can do it when you start getting results.

    1. Great idea Liz! Old blog posts can help a lot if done correctly. If you pay attention when searching things on Google you will see that lots of results are quite old, still ranking very well.

  2. i enjoyed this, i do alot of things listed here, i try as much as i can to update my posts and keep them alive and also use social media alot.

    1. Awesome to know that mate, besides that kind of content looks very generic and fake that’s why creating original content will always be better, also you can add your own personality and style ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. There are a lot of good points on here about blogging. It can be discouraging in the beginning, but that is why we have stay focused on improving our craft and skill. My favorite tip is the networking because without it, it is hard to grow and reach different audiences. Great post Nicolas!

    1. As you said, it could be discouraging in the beginning but is the same for everything. The first step is always hard but you will be fine if you are doing it with passion, thanks a lot for your comment Michael.

  4. Blogging has helped me in more ways than one and it’s awesome to be able to gain friends through it as well. I like these tips! They’re helpful. It’s really important to never copy someone’s work and stay as original as you can.

  5. Great blogging tips. I look at my numbers daily, maybe I shouldn’t but I set high monthly goals and want to stay in track. I have been thinking about revamping my first post because the pictures stink but it brings me 1000+ referrals daily from pinterest alone so I’m hesitant to touch something that doesn’t appear broken. Should I wait to revamp post when the traffic slows on it or improve now to possibly improve the traffic more!? What’s your opinion.

    1. There is nothing bad looking at your numbers but only when does not affect your performance. You look like someone who isn’t just starting and that’s perfect. I don’t recommend checking stats too often when you are new or with poor results because it could lead you to quit. 1000 referrals from Pinterest with one page? I don’t know if is your best page or if you have better traffic with other ones, still, that’s a lot! You should do it right now and improve your post the best you can! If you wait to when the traffic is going down, it will be too late. Get shit done now that is hot to make it even better for a long time.

  6. Great tips! I never thought that it would be good to improve the old content – have to do that. I don’t have that much text on my posts. I like to keep it visual, but that’s probably why i don’t have so many followers.

    1. You can add more content, you don’t need to change everything or remove most of it, just adding more actual content or more relevant content to it will help your post to get better for rankings for example or getting more shares/engage. I will be doing a post pretty soon talking about SEO and one of the options you have to improve old posts is by doing targeted SEO with a little help of Google Search Console to find keywords you are ranking without even knowing it, imagine how well you can rank if you adjust your content to the keyword you are ranking for. For example, you are ranking for “how to sell gold” on page 7 but for some reason, you are also ranking for “selling gold the right way” on page 2 and you found it just because of Google Search Console. If you can change your focus to the second keyword you can rank on page 1 for sure.

  7. This was a pick me up! I am so very behind in blogging and in life… my schedule is out of control and I can’t write or post often these days. It’s also making me less motivated! But we must all keep trudging through. Thank you!!

  8. Hi Nicolas,
    I absolutely agree with the point about the numbers. Many newbie bloggers including me land up installing google analytics and keep on checking the traffic rather than writing and concentrating on the blog. This not only wastes time to create the new post but also as you mentioned it is one of the main causes of demotivating factors.
    A great share….. Thanks….

    1. We need to keep with our style, maybe in some situation we change our style just to get more traffic because of that. The best is to stick with the original plan and keep doing good content, if the content is good the traffic will come.

    1. LOL! Of course, there is no point of reviving an old blog post about me doing some rant. Reviving posts that are getting traffic are the real target, or even content not optimized for a specific keyword you are ranking for without knowing, Google Search Console can help and I will be talking about it in another post pretty soon.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing this information with us. It’s every time a pleasure to read your new articles. For me personally the huge challenge is a time management (right now).

    1. This could sound stupid but if you try it can help a lot, trust me. Track your time for everything, when you have issues with time management this can help you a lot. Also, track the results to compare it and improve your working time, for example, 1hs Facebook = 100 leads // 3hs of Tumblr = 3 leads. That’s pretty clear, you should remove Tumblr from your strategy at least from now or reduce your time invested to 1hs or less. Thanks for your comment! I feel happy to know that my content helps you ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I think with writing….writing what you know is so important. Don’t to try talk a project that you either 1. have no interest in or 2. don’t have experience with.

    1. The experience is relevant because if you truly want to do something you learn and read a lot about it, then you end up having knowledge and experience. Now, if doesn’t interest you there is no way to learn anything.

  11. Aside from original content, it’s also important to engage with your audience, to listen to them and to reply when you have to. These are all very good points, it’s all important when you’re maintaining a blog.

  12. Great tips indeed, my issue is the numbers, when you create good content (at least that’s what you think) but it doesn’t do well, and another post that is not very deep does better is just a bit frustrating.

    1. Yes, it is. The best method is to keep learning and improving all the time, also getting better. When a blog gets better, will rank easily and get a lot more shares on social media. Do not let numbers ruin your dream, keep working because it will pay off at the end.

  13. These are some solid and spot-on tips! Great article, Nicolas.
    I get comments quite a lot about how my blog has grown and changed within the last 6 months up to one year. I can see that as well. It’s amazing to finally find your voice, understand what audience you have and, like you mentioned, stay true to yourself and your readers. Your post also came as a reminder to me to revive my old content. My traffic clearly shows it is more than relevant (gotta love those evergreen articles). I do think it needs a bit of improvement to make it even better.

    1. If you are getting good results from older content is a clear signal that you need to make some improvements there to get even more results, better rank, etc. You can also check out the competition for that keyword or topic to see what you can improve.

  14. I think that content is the key to blogging. If you have quality content and you are offering helpful information that people are searching for, there is no way that your blog won’t be successful. I have seen so many c**p blogs that offer 0 value to their readers and they are full of ads… those blogs will never get anywhere. Me, as a reader, I want to get informed, not to know what someone did or ate during that day.

    1. Valuable feedback, you are totally right but even when a blog offers good content that doesn’t mean that it will be successful for no reason, there is a lot of hard work, dedication and time investment, only content will not do anything.

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