The best free blog to start with, very straightforward

Today I will help you create the best free blog to start with even if you are new, let me guide you through.

Best free blog

Best free blog to start your business

Hello, folks! Another day, another post. I am getting used to my new blog and I am working pretty hard to make it awesome just for you. Being a blogger is great and I am super excited about it, I have so many things to share with you, today I want to talk about creating the best free blog to start with.

I hope you enjoy it because there is nothing that holds you back to be a blogger now.

Best free blog
The best options for you
Personal opinion

What I think

Most people are afraid to start a blog for lack of knowledge or maybe because they do not want to pay for it, today I will help you break the wall because you do not need to pay for it and you do not need any knowledge to do it, sounds great, right? Are you ready to create the best free blog?

It would be better to have your own blog because you have limited customization with free blogs but to start with should be ok, besides you can export your entire site to your own hosting and domain when you feel more comfortable. You can use your free blog to learn or you can take it seriously to export your content when you feel ready.

Your blog is your little space on the internet where anyone can read what you have to say, even if you do not want to start an online business you can do it just to share your thoughts to the world.

You do not need skills or experience to build the best free blog out there, I will share with you two different options to choose, both are great so it is up to you where to start.


First option

There are two different WordPress sites, on .org you can download all the files to create a custom installation, these are the files you need to upload to your hosting to start your own blog but these days most of the hostings provide a one-click installation which does everything for you so you probably do not need to do this. On .com is where you can create your blog for free, pretty simple, just create your account and you are ready to go, your blog will be online and ready to use.

Try to explore for a while to get used to the interface, read all the options you have to make it unique and take your time, you do not need to rush it. They provide a friendly user interface with everything you need, you can also access your WordPress admin area. if you cannot find it just write wp-admin after your URL (, you will be able to make even more customizations there.

New things always look difficult and hard to understand but do not get scared, WordPress is super simple and you will get used to it super fast, trust me.

You can follow people and they can follow you as well, there is a separate area where you can read all your feed and interact with other blogs leaving comments or sharing their content, same for you. This is quite popular, there are a lot of free blogs with hundreds of comments and shares.

If you love WordPress you can pay to have more benefits like a better hosting, more space, themes and a lot of different things like custom site address, no ads, google analytics and a better support service.

Your blog will have custom plugins and you cannot add more, for security reasons. If you have your own blog, you can install any plugin you want and to whatever you want without restrictions, but to be a free blog they provide most of the basic plugins for you.

I think the best free blog option for you is this one if you want to create a content about anything, but if you are going after marketing check out the next option.

Wealthy Affiliate

Second option

Another great option, after you sign up you need to create your blog, super simple and anyone can do it. Wealthy Affiliate is much more than just a place to start a free blog, you can find great tutorials step by step about how to make money online and how to grow your blog, there is a huge community as well where everyone helps each other.

There are two different accounts on Wealthy Affiliate, free and premium, free accounts can create two different blogs, have limited access to the training and cannot add plugins. Premium accounts can access all features like live chat, premium tutorials, more themes and the ability to add plugins to your blog.

As a premium member, you have full control of your sites, Wealthy Affiliate is your hosting but you can have all your blogs hosted somewhere else if you want or even leave Wealthy Affiliate completely when you want.

Final notes


Both are great options to start with, but you have limited customization on free accounts, you need to pay if you truly want to have freedom. Which one of them is the best free blog option to choose? To begin with, any of them are great, take your time and start your blog right now! Learn while you do it, do not wait to be an expert because you will never start.

When you feel better about it, I highly recommend you to start a new blog, with a proper hosting and domain. I will be writing about how to do it another day because this post is only about free blogs. No matter which one you choose, both are quite similar when talking about free features and also on premium content.

Wealthy Affiliate is a community to learn everything about blogging and internet marketing where you can interact with other people doing the same as you, from beginners to experts.

WordPress is a free platform where you can build relationships with other bloggers and build a friendly blog with a nice interface to work with.

The sky is your limit
Endless possibilities

You do not need to be an expert writer to start a blog, look at me, I am not an expert writer but you are here reading my blog. It does not matter what niche you pick for your content if you want to create a business, you can make money with any niche out there.

If you do not want to create a business you can do it as well, being a blogger is a way to get your ideas out there and interact with other people on the internet.

Try to write about things you love because you will be doing it frequently, if you write about things you do not care, you will probably leave the blog inactive and that is how people fail when having a blog.

Be active and consistent, that is the only way to be popular, find your audience and provide high-quality content, help them and be social with them.

Do not wait to have the perfect blog with the perfect content so start with, just do it! You can learn and get better with time while doing it, learn from mistakes and just keep working, if you wait to learn everything or write a lot of things, you will probably quit before starting. Go fo it, no matter what! hope you have an amazing day.

Please, leave a comment below if you have questions about anything or if you want to add another free platform where people can start a blog, feel free to share it I will try to find more information about and add it to the post as well. Hope this content can help you get started and I cannot wait to give you a proper welcome to the blogging world.

Best Regards,

Author: Nicolas Puegher

Blogger and entrepreneur. I like to share my experience to help people but also give good vibes and motivation.

10 thoughts on “The best free blog to start with, very straightforward”

  1. Hi Nicolas

    You offer some great advice here. is a great place to dip your toe into the word of blogging without paying a cent.

    I would highly recommend it for newcomers who are still feeling their way into establishing a web presence and also for anyone who needs a second blog.

    Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a place worth investigating. It sounds like you can learn a lot there while building a website without a minimum of effort.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes, is a great place to start and even to test something or as you said, a second blog. Wealthy Affiliate is great too and there is a lot of free information and tutorials to learn with a huge community where anyone can ask for help or share anything. Thanks for your visit Igert! I am glad you like the content.

  2. Great post on starting a free blog! Everyone who wants to build a business needs a blog. As you pointed out it is your only place on the internet that is your own. However, that does not include free blogs as they can shut it down if you break their rules. Better off biting the bullet and paying, it is not that much to buy a domain and hosting 🙂

    1. Great to see you here Chris! You are right, free blogs do not allow you to have freedom but to start with should be ok. A lot of people do not even know what WordPress is, paying for a website is not an option for them, having the chance to create a blog for free will be great to learn and test everything before spending any money.

  3. Yes I agree with Chris. Yur blog is not yours if it is not hosted by you on wsay Go Daddy or MLSP. But this is a great place to begin. May I suggest you be careful about critical typos. for example the first sentence under 1 wordpress has a typo that makes it almost impossible to understand the intent. I do not mean to sound critical, just to help. I personally make a lot of typos and have to0 reread sometimes many times to get it right.

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