Branding tips from scratch to get you started

These are great branding tips from scratch for any entrepreneur who wants to get started, branding is the first step and it could be overwhelming if you are unsure of what to do.

Branding tips from scratch

Branding tips from scratch for entrepreneurs

Hello friend, if you are struggling to brand yourself and you have no idea where to start this post is what you were looking for so badly. It is simple, and I will show you the best branding tips from scratch so you can get started with ease.

Branding tips from scratch
All the tips you need to know.
The basics

Super important

– What is your audience?
– What is your niche?
– What is your business all about?

Understanding these basic points, you can definitely think about some ideas, write them all and save it for later.

For example, think about someone trying to create a new business about selling boats.

Your audience

People interested in your content or service

The audience would be people related to the industry, fans who love them and want to buy boats. Maybe find useful information about it.

Your niche

The main topic for everything you do

The niche would be about boats of course and sea related stuff. For example, diving. You can also think multiple niches at the same time with particular relevance to each other. Instead of just selling and promoting products, an entertainment blog would work here.

You are probably wondering why, if I were the owner of this business I would create a blog, a social media account, and a YouTube channel.

This way I can share a lot of entertainment and drive traffic to my business. It could be something like diving videos, images, fishing, anything related to boats.

That is another way of income apart from selling products. They are not a different business. Both work to complement each other.

Your business

What you have to offer

The business is about selling boats, providing information about sea-related stuff, diving courses, gear, and provide fun but valuable information with a blog, a social media account, and a YouTube channel.

Solid base

Doing random stuff will not work

When talking about branding tips from scratch, these three basic points are essential and simple to get started. Understanding your business is crucial.

Now that you know in detail all the information needed, just keep going. Take the notes you did before and start working with these next tips.

Catchy name

Something people will remember

It should be something easy to say. It is not easy to find a good one, but that is the point, take your time.

Having a catchy name will help you a lot. People will not forget your brand. It does not apply if want to brand yourself because you are going to use your name.

In case you do not want to use your name just go for a nickname or artist name, as a professional.

When you recommend something to a friend, you always remember funny things or catchy names. Now, unless it is a high-quality brand, you will never remember a strange brand name or difficult to pronounce.

This is the reason why having a catchy name can make a difference when trying to stand out from the crowd, take that in mind.

Easy to spell

Pretty simple, right?

An essential point because it is everything. The more reach you can get, the more benefits for you. How many brands can you find outside your country with a strange name? Probably a lot.

You could be losing clients, readers or traffic just your brand is hard to spell or remember.

Explore for a while and find some famous global brands and you will see that they are all easy to spell. For example, Nike or Netflix.

It does not matter where you are, everyone can spell both correctly. I know people from South America and Asia, they do not have any issue spelling both of them. Besides, they are quite catchy.


Your own style

It could be a word or a logotype. Having a recognizable figure can make a huge difference.

I am going to use Nike again to show you an example. You are just driving your car somewhere, and then you see the Nike logo with nothing else, just a logo. You will know exactly what it is, same for Apple.

Pay attention to popular brands, they all have these features.

Make a good use of these branding tips from scratch to start your business your right way.

Final notes


You do not need to create something too relevant to your niche. Going back to the boat business, a simple boat can be a great logo, but it is too common. It will be hard to recognize your brand, you need to be a little bit creative and think outside the bubble.

Hiring a graphic designer could be a nice idea if you do not know about any graphic software or technical skills. Just provide them a good brief with all the details you want or leave everything to their creativity.

I recommend Photoshop and Illustrator to create graphics, both are amazing.

In case you want to see some tutorials about graphic design let me know! I would love to create content about it for you.

Thanks for reading friends, have an amazing day.

Best regards,

Author: Nicolas Puegher

Blogger and entrepreneur. I like to share my experience to help people but also give good vibes and motivation.

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