Developing a strategic plan should be your main focus right now

I will help you get started developing a strategic plan for your business. You need a plan, otherwise you will be doing random stuff with no results.

Developing a strategic plan

Developing a strategic plan for your business

Hello, folks! Great day to write an amazing blog post for my dear readers. The week just started and there is a lot of things to do but I am pretty calm about it because I have a plan for it. Today I will help you get started developing a strategic plan for your business or anything you are doing.

Having a plan can make a huge difference between doing some random stuff and getting things done, hope you enjoy it.

Developing a strategic plan
You need a solid strategy for success
The importance of having a solid plan

The truth

It does not matter what business you have in mind, you need to walk the same road if you want to achieve success. Developing a strategic plan should be the first thing to do for any business.

People quit quite often, even myself in the past for other projects just for lack of results. The sad part is that I did my best, so how in the world I did zero results? Well, doing your best is not enough, doing your best with a solid strategy is the real deal. The determination you have can make a difference when trying to get things done but if you are doing just random stuff it will be normal if you do not see any results for your hard work.

You need to understand a simple reality first, you are not going to have success right away, it will take time. Maybe more or maybe less, people are different but there is no luck involve, you need to have your own plan of action and stick with it no matter what. When you see results from your hard work, then and only then you can try to move on and expand your business, otherwise you probably will fail.

If it is important to you, you will find a way

Tracking is also important, you need to know some numbers and stats for anything you do, so you can know exactly what is working and what is not working. You can improve your time just paying attention to your stats if something is working you should spend more time on it and if something is not working you need to change it or remove it from your plan.

Now, I am going to tell you how a plan should look. First, you need to know what are you going to do because you need to follow the planning process before thinking on developing a strategic plan for your business.

To help you understand, I will be sharing with you a real case study using my blog.

Finding a niche

Your main topic

After finding a niche, which in my case is internet marketing I made a blog where I can create quality content to help people get started, share my knowledge and the experience I learn by doing it. Before developing a strategic plan you should think about your niche, it will be everything for you, take your time and find something you love.

Do not think about making money, focus on helping because that is the proper way to make money online.

Take your time

Do not get overwhelmed

To start with, you should do simple tasks. When I started I was not doing any social media strategy to drive traffic because my goal was to work on my blog first, creating some good content before doing any promotion.

Creating a blog, being active on social media, having a job, kids or other responsibilities will be too much and your dream will overwhelm you, quitting will be the result and you do not want that.

Add things to your daily strategy with time not all at once, if you want to start a social media account, make it step by step. You can start with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other social media, when you have a routine and get used to, that is where you can add more.

Trying to do everything from day one will not be effective, focus on simple things and get things done before doing anything else. You need to consider everything because developing a strategic plan for the first time can be hard, if you feel you are doing too much just change it to make it better for you, you do not want to quit or get overwhelmed because your plan has too many things.

I started with my blog and quality content, then I added social media to my strategy and now is part of my daily routine but the good part is that I am not being overwhelmed about it because I took my time.

Quality over quantity

One good thing is better than ten bad things

This does not mean that you need to focus on one single social media, but to start with it will be better. There is no point on having ten different social media accounts if you are not having any impact or presence. You do not have an audience yet and when you see no one engage with you on social media, you will feel that all your hard work is not doing anything.

Save your own time and get better at one traffic source, be active and engage with your audience, then you can move out and expand your business with other social media account because your audience will not be in just one place.

Besides, you can test everything with real stats as I told you before. If you are only on Facebook you cannot compare your results with another source, maybe you do much better on Twitter and that is why you need to take your time and always track your stats for everything you do.

Writing down your goals

Do it now!

Could sound stupid for some people but writing down your goals can make a difference, put them near you while you work so you can read it at any time, change it and improve it. You can write more things and details you learned to save time and also leverage your results.

Some people will say “I do not need to write my goals because I know them pretty good”, you need to do it, is important. You cannot find motivation from something you have in your mind, you can find motivation reading your goal and the why.

Your real reason

The why

Another important step, knowing “the why” behind your dream will help you to never give up and focus with real commitment. It could be just a simple text or you can be more creative like a photo of your family, kids or a place where you want to be.

When you feel like nothing is working or feeling sad for not having success, you will always have your fuel of motivation just near you to slap you in the face and remember you why you are doing all of this.

Step by step

Small goals, where the real magic happens

Once you know your main goal or goals you need to write small ones, more achievable goals with deadlines if possible. Your main goals will be long term and you are not going to achieve them in just a few weeks, but you can achieve small goals in a short time, working for your final goal step by step.

We can call them sub-goals, my first sub-goal was to have my blog up and running, pretty simple to do and I did it. Another sub-goal is to make my first sale online but I cannot set a deadline to it but is part of my final goal where I will be making sales every month.

I have a lot more but they are not random goals, all of them are small steps for big steps, like my sub-goal of 100 followers on social media.


Your routine

Make a routine, if you do not have too much time you will need to take even more time to fit it into your routine, to start an online business you need to have a commitment and be consistent, is the only way to build your brand.

There is no “today I am not going to do anything, I will work tomorrow” in your plan, that is the people who are not going to succeed online. Work hard every single day for your goals, this is your own business if you are not willing to work for your own sake no one will do it for you.

They are people just like you, they are not lucky ones, they worked super hard developing a strategic plan for their business and that is why they have success right now.

Do not look down on yourself, if other people can do it you can do it too!

Do not rush, take your time
You do not need to hurry
I can do this!

The motivation to keep going

I know my goals very well and I have them near me while I am working for my dreams. I do not want to a normal job for my future, I do not want a boss telling me what to do with no freedom or personal creativity, I do not want to do something I do not like for living, I do not want to work extra hours for free to deal with responsibility and crazy deadlines, I do not want to get stressed, I do not want to build more debts, it sounds familiar to you?

When you share your goals with others, a lot of people will tell you that you are not going to be successful because is hard and you need to be lucky, fuck them! You do not need negativity, you can do it! Prove them wrong, if people out there is doing it you surely can.

Believe you can and you are halfway there

When I feel like being lazy I read all my notes, I can feel the motivation just with a quick read, it gives me fuel to build my dreams with my own hands. I can and I will if someone think I will not, I will prove them wrong, I am the owner of my own life and I can achieve anything I want.

While developing a strategic plan for your business, think about your motivation and the why behind your dreams to build an awesome plan to follow.

I am not going to leave work for tomorrow because this is everything to me and I need to work hard if I want to be successful.

When things are better I can relax a little more, take my time to do things and to give you a simple example, quit my job.

I can’t do this!

The excuse

Do not make excuses to quit like “I am not very good at writing”, “I am not very good doing videos”, “I am not very good generating traffic”, etc. You do not need to be perfect, people will like you if you create quality content and even for your personality.

I am not good either, still, I have my blog, I create content and you are reading this post right now. Practice makes perfection, pretty simple words to remember, you will get better doing it over and over that is part of life, the experience is everything.

You can learn in the process, you do not need to be awesome to do something, learn while doing it and get better, you do not need to try to get better, you will do it without even notice it, only if you respect your routine and commitment, you are not going to get better being lazy and leaving things for tomorrow each time you need to work.

People are born without knowledge, they try, they fail, they learn from mistakes but most importantly, they never give up, never.

If things are not going well, relax! Do not go mad, find a regular job even if you hate it, make some money so you can invest it on your business. Think of the big picture, think about the future when you need to do things you do not like, hoping will not do anything for you, success does not fall from the sky.

Have confidence because there is no luck involve, you create your own path, build your dreams with your own hands, do not wait for miracles, I truly hope to inspire you with these words.

Time invested

Track your time

Make notes about how much time each task need, you can compare the results with the time invested to know what need less time and what need more time.

Saving time will help you with everything, improve what is working and also improve what is not working but if you tried your best and some things are not working, just move on and try something else, always keep improving and go out of your comfort zone, from time to time you need to do things you do not like.

Developing a strategic plan is also about tracking your time, you can improve in so many ways but if you do not track anything you will feel lost when trying to change or improve, remember that.

Just do it

Take action

Developing a strategic plan will help you in your journey, things will not happen unless you take action, that is the only way to make results.

Even if it is just one hour per day, you are taking action! Any business will require hard work the first weeks, even the first months but in the future, you will have more control and you will be able to scale your business, the sky is your limit. Sleep when you are done, not when you are tired.

Final notes


Now you understand why developing a strategic plan will help you to be a successful person, the key is to never give up and work with a goal in mind. Creating a business and doing random stuff hoping for success will lead you to failure, analyze everything in your niche so you can improve your strategy over and over.

Take action every day, get used to the routine because, in the end, you will do it without even thinking, you know what you need to do. Think about your dreams, are you not going to fight for them? Are you going to quit so easily? Maybe they were not that big, I will never give up on my dreams, I do not want to regret anything.

Please, leave a comment below to share your story with me and my audience! Tell me how things are going so far or what you want to achieve.

Do not let negativity affect you, be positive! Did you enjoy my post about developing a strategic plan for your business? I hope you did! Share it with your friends to help them as well. If you want to add something, feel free to share your experience. Nothing else to say, have a great week.

Best Regards,

Author: Nicolas Puegher

Blogger and entrepreneur. I like to share my experience to help people but also give good vibes and motivation.

22 thoughts on “Developing a strategic plan should be your main focus right now”

  1. These are great. I especially like the “one good thing is better than ten bad things.” That’s a tough one to remember, but when the good thing happens it makes all the bad things a distant memory!

    1. Thanks for your kind words Martha! I am glad you like it, doing a lot of things with no results will lead us to frustration, but once we have something working we can expand our reach and add more things to turn them into good things as well.

    1. I am glad to see you here Len! You are right, without a plan, there is nothing else to do. Doing random things will lead us to failure but with a proper strategy failure is not an option.

    1. Hi, Chris! I am happy to see you here. Thanks for your kind words, having a plan can make a huge difference when starting a business or even trying to scale it. Quitting is not an option but a bad strategy can lead you to frustration, having a good main structure will avoid that.

  2. I think the hardest part with any project is NOT getting overwhelmed. The tips that you outlined are helpful for sure. Getting out of the overwhelmed state of mind in order to take advantage of the advice and actually take action is the downfall of so many. Thanks Nicolas for the information!

    1. Hi, Sharon! Welcome mate. That is true, getting overwhelmed is one of the most common things when people try to start an online business because is hard. The best way to avoid getting overwhelmed and frustrated is making a good plan from day one and having a lot of contacts so you can ask for help and support at any time. Having a mentor can be effective as well or someone to help you get started.

  3. I love this article! Specifically WRITE IT DOWN! It’s so important to see what you have to get done and then do it!! This is an excellent holistic guide to create a plan and work the plan to find success. Thank you.

    1. I am happy to see you here Sidney, you do not need to do exactly the same each day. Having a routine goes deeper, maybe one day you create content for your blog and social media, another day you promote your content on different social networks and groups, day three could be forum marketing, day four SEO, you understand what I am trying to say? Even if I do different things each day I have a routine and all of them help me to achieve my goals or sub-goals.

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