Effective Facebook Page for your busines or brand

Creating an effective Facebook Page is not hard, you only need to know what to do and how to do it.

Effective Facebook Page

Effective Facebook Page

Hello! Welcome to a new year, as always I am glad to see you here. I have something good today and I am going to show you how to maintain an effective Facebook Page for your business or brand.

Facebook is huge and you should be taking part of it because it will be very helpful for you but also for your audience. Do you want to know how to do it? Awesome! Keep reading mate.

Effective Facebook Page
The proper way to do it.
Creating a Facebook Page

Simple and easy

You need to go to the upper right corner on Facebook and click “Create Page”

Effective Facebook Page

As you can see, you can choose between different types. Depending on the type of business you have you need to choose one. For example, I have the “Artist, Brand or Public Figure” because I am branding myself.

The “Brand or Products” is for well-known brands, the rest are pretty obvious. In case that you need help choosing one, just leave a comment below and I will help you.

If you want to create an effective Facebook Page you need to choose the right one for you.


Your info

Once it is done, take your time to fill your information for the about page. Things like category, topic, username, description, website and other accounts are very important.

Personal information and personal interest are a nice plus.

The cover

Important detail

Your cover is very important because is the first thing people see. You can just pick a good image that represents you or you can create your own.

Just in case you want to create your own cover, this is the best size, 1500 width, 500 height (px).

The picture

Your avatar

This is very important as well. If you have a brand pick a nice quality image of your logo. Now, if you are branding yourself as I do, just pick a nice photo of yourself.

Be creative, for example, if you want to show your audience a feeling of freedom, you can choose a great image of you on the beach.

Facebook Page

The basics

You have everything you need now to start an effective Facebook Page. Having a good about page will help your audience know you and adding a great picture with an outstanding cover will get the job done.

Facebook as a social platform

Yes, social

Everything you need is covered, very simple and fast, right?

Facebook is a social platform and because of that, you need to think for a moment about the people on it, even you. When you are on Facebook, you are looking for interesting content, great stuff to share with your friends.

It could be quality content, awesome value or even solutions. You are not looking for promotions or to buy something, keep that in mind. A social plan is everything you need.

The proper way

How to do it

The key behind an effective Facebook Page is to focus on engagement. People love good content, make posts that people like and want to share.

Creating great value, motivational content, strategy tips or even solutions to tedious problems. Help people and connect with them, just be social.

Promote your website or blog when you want, that’s ok! Never promote offers or products directly on Facebook.

Make your sales on your website, blog or even your email list. A Page full of offers will not succeed, maybe if you are a well-known brand.

Focus on 90% social – engaging and 10% promotion (your website, blog or email list, not products).

Effective Facebook Page
The real deal.

The social experience

Comments and shares are more important than likes, keep that in mind. That is exactly why being social and creating engaging content is the real deal here.

That is the proper way to improve and grow and effective Facebook Page.

Do not do


Never do follow for follow, what is the point of having 1000 followers if you receive 3 likes with each new post?

You will not care about their content either, your page’s feed full of crap, it does not make any sense.

When I find people engaging with my content on Facebook groups or even on my personal account I invite them to my Page.

Never beg for a follow, it sounds desperate and people will not care.

Do this!

Daily basis

Find groups for your niche, you can find a lot of great Facebook groups to promote your posts.

You can also do some comment exchange to start getting some movement on your Page because having an empty page isn’t good. Waiting for your audience could take some time.

Doing some like exchange is also good (for content only).

Final notes


Creating an effective Facebook Page is not any science, you can do it but it requires some effort from your side.

Build a routine from scratch, even a post per day, that is awesome.

You can use external websites like Buffer to create a schedule so you do not need to be on Facebook every day. There is a premium service but you can use the free version.

The only difference is that you can only add one account per social platform and you have a limit of 10 scheduled posts per social account as well.

Make sure to be active and do your best with the engagement, let people know you or your brand. Create daily posts and remember the rule, 90% social – engaging and 10% promotion.

Add links on your website, blog or email list to your Page so people can follow you!

Check out the Facebook Analytics to know more about your content performance. You can check your reach, clicks, and engagement but also some detailed information about your audience.

Once you hit 100 followers you can add other Pages to compare your results with them!

By the way, if you want to chek out my content on social media, here is my Facebook Page.

That is all for now, I hope you find it helpful. Do you have experience creating an effective Facebook Page? Share your valuable knowledge with us! Helpful tips are always welcome here.

Do you think I forget something? Just say it! I would love to read your opinion.

If you have any questions related to this topic, do not hesitate and ask! I will try my best to help you out. Have an amazing week friend.

Best regards,

Author: Nicolas Puegher

Blogger and entrepreneur. I like to share my experience to help people but also give good vibes and motivation.

36 thoughts on “Effective Facebook Page for your busines or brand”

  1. Great post Nicolas! I’m glad you stuck to the basics and made it easy to follow. You covered everything, one additional point – Facebook keeps changing their optimal image size, so its something to keep on top of.

  2. I am still looking to start a facebook page so I am definitely bookmarking this page for future reference! It is great for a Facebook noob like me! Quick question; do your “friends” on facebook get notifications if you make a page/group?

    ~ Sofie

    1. Great, Sofie! I’m happy to help you. As far as I know, they don’t. But once you have your page, you can invite them all to like it, if they don’t like it they will not be notified of any update you make.

  3. How can I set my face book business page account so that when I “like” other businesses, it shows my business page rather than show my personal account Or similarly when I connect my facebook account to any blog it will show my business page rather than my personal account

    1. You need to find the arrow and choose to use Facebook as your page. Then you go to the other page and like it, you know if it’s working because you can post as your page instead of your account. If you can’t find it, go to any page and when you are about to post, you can see the arrow on the top right of the post box. If you want to add your page to your blog, just link your page, maybe you’re using a plugin with don’t allow you do it but most of the plugins for Facebook or social media allow you to do it.

  4. Great post. I definitely need to improve my 90% engagement with making posts that people want to share and help solve their problems.

  5. It’s important to setup your facebook page with interesting details and information about your blog or business. I make sure that the about me part is captivating as well. It pays to have a well groomed FB page so that you can attract more followers.

  6. I get the majority of the traffic on my blog through Facebook. You’ve shared some really good tips. I’ll try to share more of my blog posts on various FB communities from now onwards!

  7. I just realized one of your points recently. I was worried about not being able to create so much content so I have constant steady post flow. But I realized it’s more important to ‘generate’ likes and comments on those I Can create, then have much more but empty ones.
    90%-10% – Great advice Nicholas! Thanks!

    1. Since your content is about super healthy cooking you can even post 1 single stuff a day like a photo of something you cooked or eaten, it won’t be difficult because you do it every day! You don’t need to create your own stuff over and over, you can find pictures of food or related stuff and just share it!

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