Essential plugins you should know for the sake of your site

Awesome essential plugins I recommend to start the right way from day one or improve your actual blog/site with amazing new features you need.

Essential Plugins

Essential pluginsย to improve your experience online

Hello, mate! Good to see you here, I feel pump today because I know this post will help you a lot. Today I will share with you essential plugins you need for your blog, no matter if you are new or have some experience these plugins will help you and your blog/site quite a bit, hope you find it helpful.

Essential Plugins
My own recommendation to enhance your blog/site.


As you already know, plugins can help you a lot and save you time when working on your blog/site. The best thing is that no matter what you want, you can find it and not only one single option, there are a ton of different plugins for any kind of topic like social buttons, widgets, add-ons, stats for your dashboard or even more complex stuff like custom contact forms and more.

In just a moment I will share with you some essential plugins I use on my blog. If you are starting a new blog you need them from day one but if you already have a blog/site you definitely need to check them out. These plugins are totally free but few of them have premium features in case you want to expand what they do.

Maybe you are using some similar plugins and you do not want to change them, that is totally fine because you should use what feels better for your brand and your business, these are personal recommendations but I encore you to at least try few of them because I know they might be helpful for you.

Yoast SEO

The best SEO plugin

Yoast SEO
One of the best plugins ever made! I love this one and it is my favorite so far. Not only helps you a lot for SEO, it is very intuitive, simple to use and very, very helpful.

Most people find SEO something hard or unknown but with this awesome plugin that is the past, if you want to improve your blog/site and get the exposure you deserve from organic traffic provided by search engines there is no better way than using Yoast SEO.

It also helps you to customize your sharing on social media, adding a title, description and a picture like when customizing the snippet which is the description you see when finding something on the internet before you click on it.

When thinking about essential plugins this is a MUST HAVE and if you are using another plugin like All in One SEO Pack I encourage you to change it because it is much better. I was using it before and now there is no way to leave Yoast SEO for me.


We do not like spam

The name almost describes everything it does perfectly. This amazing plugin helps you with spam, very user-friendly! You can customize the settings but if there is no need for that, once you activate this plugin it will automatically block any suspicious spam on your blog/site, from comments, trackbacks, messages from the contact page and registration.

No captcha’s, challenge questions, or other inconvenience to website visitors but super effective and cool.

WordPress Super Cache

Faster website!

WordPress Super Cache
This plugin generates static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress blog. How it works is very simple, after the HTML file is generated your webserver will serve that file instead of processing a heavier one, which means that your site will load faster for those who visited your site in the past.

Very simple but one of the essential plugins to help your readers get the best of your blog/site, providing a good experience, nothing worst than waiting 10 minutes for a page to load.

Varnish HTTP Purge

Changes in real time

Varnish HTTP Purge
This helpful plugin sends a purge request to the URL of any page or any post every time it is modified. For example, when editing, publishing, commenting or deleting an item, and when changing themes as well.

In other words, it is like sending a message to upload the new things instead of showing the old stuff. If you do not see the changes, maybe your cache is the problem, just clean it from your browser or just wait because you will see the new stuff very soon even without cleaning your cache.

Get Social

Share and share!

Get Social
Another favorite but one of the essential plugins for me, I tried a lot of them and this one is one of the bests. It is simple, user-friendly and very customizable. You can see the social buttons here on my blog, this is the plugin I am using right now so you know what to expect.

There are a ton of premium features to get even better buttons with stats and more details but as I said are premium which you need to pay for but if you want to use it as I do, there is no need to spend any money mate.

Synergy Plugins
Everything works better when having harmony and synergy.

Amazing pack of value

It helps you managing your blog/site by giving you visitor stats, security services, speeding up images and help you get more traffic.

Jetpack simplifies managing WordPress sites by giving you visitor stats, security services, speeding up images, and helping you get more traffic.

You also have other features, for example, prevent brute force attacks, secure user authentication, collect traffic stats and insights, sharing content, promote content, display related posts, increasing your traffic reach and much more. There is also a backup system but it is a premium feature, you can explore it to see what is all about even if you can use it for free it has great premium content to enhance what already provide.

Few things like new widgets are very helpful, you can make an idea based on my blog, most of my social widgets are from JetPack, super simple and user-friendly so anyone can add great content or social links in just 5 seconds and that is why is an essential plugin for me and probably for you too.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

Stats everywhere!

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP
Real-time reports and stats in your dashboard, it could be very handful to know this information when you are on your dashboard. This amazing plugin inserts automatically the tracking code in every page of your website.

You can customize anything you need and you can find advanced settings as well.

Google Analytics by MonsterInsights

Old Google Analytics by Yoast

Google Analytics by MonsterInsights
Almost the same as the previews plugin but both can work together to provide a better experience, you can check where your traffic is coming from, the most popular pages and countries.


Love your readers!

Now that you have everything you need, you can add this amazing plugin to get more engage. It allows them to leave a link to their latest blog post when leaving a comment on your blog/site with a very attractive and sweet way to do it, bloggers love it and I highly recommend you to add this plugin.

You can check how it looks in the comments below or if you do not see anyone just check another post, there are plenty of them.

Final notes


I plan to do more content about plugins but I decided to make the first one very simple with the basic stuff to help everyone, from beginners to experts. In the future, I will be creating more content like this one with advanced but essential plugins as well.

As I told you before, there is no need to change plugins if you are already using a similar one, what feels better for you is the way to go but if you are someone who likes to try new things I highly recommend you to try all these amazing plugins, they are free and few of them have premium features to help you even more.

There is no need to pay for anything unless you like it and want to get the best of it, everything described before are free features, so I hope you find this content helpful and I wish you luck with your projects mate.

Do you have some essential plugin to add to the list? Do not be shy and leave a comment right below so everyone can benefit from it too! If you have some experience with any of the ones I recommend, please, I would love to hear your results, thank you mate! Have an amazing day.

Best Regards,

Author: Nicolas Puegher

Blogger and entrepreneur. I like to share my experience to help people but also give good vibes and motivation.

54 thoughts on “Essential plugins you should know for the sake of your site”

  1. Hi Nicolas.
    I use some of these plug ins. Spam shield is a must… has cut my spam down to zero.
    Yoast too is a must for all …..especially newcomers to the dreaded SEO…..Nice post mate. Cheers

  2. WordPress has a lot of good plugins that we can certainly take advantage of especially when it comes to tracking our blog’s stats! I think it’s great that you provided this list, some are new to me and I would love to check them out.

  3. I have been using Yoast SEO for a good 8 months now. I just simply scroll down and see what they suggest I change to get a green light. Once I have that, I’m ready to post! I have some of the other ones you mentioned but not all. I’ll definitely be looking into them!


  4. I’m not familiar with any of these! I know I should be more aware with plugins that could help me being more visual in social media especially in blog world. Will read this post with more care and take notes. Thanks!

  5. This is a pretty sweet list you have here! TBH I’m not a big fan of Jetpack (for some reason it was not compatible with my theme or something or other) but I love Yoast. I’ve been hearing good things about Super Cache, I really should just do it already!

  6. Great plugin suggestions Nicolas. My favorites in your list are Jetpack and Yoast. They are very powerful tools that are necessary for today’s blogger. I will check out some of the others you have suggested. Thanks for posting.

  7. Great list of plugins, Nicolas! I have a majority of these and refuse to set up any site without them. As a fellow AM, might I suggest Pretty Links…which helps “prettify” the links to affiliate (or any other) links to keep things clean.

    Take care!!

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