Free pictures to use on your projects and enhance your work

I use these sites when I need to find free pictures to use on my content, free high-quality images are always welcome. It can be pretty helpful to provide a visual message or just for fun, check this out.

Free pictures to use

Free pictures to use on your projects to make better results

Hi! I am glad you are here, welcome to my blog once again. today I have great news! I will share with you the best sites where you can find free pictures to use on your projects to avoid copyright issues and improve not only your site but your social media as well, hope you enjoy it.

I am very hungry right now and I cannot wait to cook something awesome, maybe some fish with eggs, that is the idea so far, do you like that? Tell me in the comments below! I want to write this blog post before cooking.

Free pictures to use
The best sites I use to find awesome free pictures
Royalty free


All these sites I am going to share with you are the sites I use to find royalty free images, you can find free pictures to use on any kind of project, could be your website, blog or even social media. Most of these sites have a default creative common license, but other sites have a different one, you should check it first before doing anything. In some cases, you do not need anything and in some other you need to give credit to the author.

Having a great image can make a huge difference, it does not matter if it is a marketing campaign or just your social network, you can find anything you want for free with the best quality.


Favorite #1

Unplash is my favorite site so far and the one I use the most, you do not need to create an account or anything, just explore and find something you like, then you can download the image. If you need something specific just use the search bar, simple and effective. No attribution required.


Favorite #2

Gratisography is my second favorite, pretty similar to Unplash, you do not need to give attribution or anything, just find a free picture to use and then you can download any of them for free.


Favorite #3

Pexels is a great site, you will find popular searches, a search bar or just the latest free pictures to use without attribution in just 2 clicks, pretty simple and awesome site with unique and beautiful pictures.


Favorite #4

Albumarium is awesome, a ton of great images. You can use the search bar, browse all albums or just pick any of the popular albums. You can also sort the images by newest, most liked, any license or commercial. You need to give credit to the author but the quality of the images is superb.

Finding the right picture
Take your time to find the best picture
Some other good stuff

Some honorable mentions


Final notes


Now, you have some awesome resources to give life to your projects, you should also check the honorable mentions, but most of them require a link with attribution.

If you cannot find something you like, try another site. You can find even better images if you are willing to pay for them but I will be creating another blog post talking about that so do not worry.

Use my four recommendations to find free pictures to use and enhance your website, blog, social network or campaign! A single image can help you to stand out, take your time and pick the best one for you.

Please, leave a comment below and share with my which site do you like more or even if you have a suggestion to add, feel free to do it and I will edit the list for sure. Have a good day!

Best regards,

Author: Nicolas Puegher

Blogger and entrepreneur. I like to share my experience to help people but also give good vibes and motivation.

56 thoughts on “Free pictures to use on your projects and enhance your work”

  1. This is a great round up. I personally take my own photos for my blog (I kinda have to, it’s a food blog lol!) but this is very useful for others who don’t necessarily need to.

    1. Hi, Jolina! Taking your own photos sounds like a lot of fun but you are right, for a food blog having your own pictures make a lot of sense. Still you can use some of these photos for social media like some kitchen or anything from your niche 🙂

  2. I am always on the lookout for some free photos as standby if I dont have them in my kitty. I didnt know about these sites. thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. Very good round up! I used pixabay and flickr for my wishlist/bucket list on my blog. Usually I use my own pictures, so I don’t need other sources as much. However, it’s a good thing to know, that there are other websites, that might be better. If it comes to the situation, that I am in need of other pictures, I will check your recommendations!

  4. I couldn’t agree more! great pictures are so important to helping a website succeed, love the list of free downloadable photo sites… I only knew of the first one, thanks!

  5. Fantastic round up. Wasn’t familiar with any of them, how ameture am I?! I’ve taken note of these, you’ve been a great help.

  6. This would be perfect for sponsored posts, I always use my own photos apart from sponsored posts and I feel like the quality of images decreases. Thanks for introducing me to these sites.

  7. Hi Nick.

    Good bit of info mate. Also try Pixabay, Filckr, Stocksnap io,

    There’s also a little trick with Google images…….when searching go to advanced search , click search tools & a drop down shows with various user rights…..however this is causing some confusion with some people.

    1. Thanks, Darren! I will try those sites to see what is going on there, I know Flickr but since I do not use it I am not sure about the copyright. Also, thanks for the two links, very cool information, maybe someone will find it helpful.

  8. Hey Nicolas,
    lots of suggestions here for folks who are struggling to find photos for free. I don’t really use them anymore on my blog but I used to love pixabay.

    What I like about your ideas Nicolas is that you always offer free sites. There is no excuse for people not to make a start with all the free resources you provide. I reckon you could write a book of free resources and call it ‘Free resources I’ve used’ to help grow my business.
    Anyways…..good on you mate and it was nice to see your face again.-Jennifer

    1. I am glad to see you here, Jennifer! Paid resources are always the best but most people are afraid or do not want to spend a lot of money so I always try to provide helpful information about free stuff so people can get things done without excuses. Thank you very much for your advice, that is an amazing idea that I was not aware, I think I will do it 🙂

  9. This is absolutely helpful especially for my job. Bookmarked with many thanks! I love the list because you’ve given us quality images to choose from on these sites.

  10. For me, the photography is half of the fun of having a blog, but it’s always nice to know where I can find some alternatives in a pinch!

  11. I use my photos to cover all the posts on my blog except the ones I’m in, but it’s great to learn about websites which provide royalti free images. I used to join Flickr years ago but not anymore.

  12. When you’re a blogger, there are a lot of things that you have to work on to promote your site and most of the time it cuts the time you have to take good pictures to accompany your posts! It’s always nice to have a back up, a free resource where you can get pictures to use on your blog! Thanks for this awesome list!

  13. Wonderful rundown! I simply have two sources before for the photographs I use in the web journal; so these are extraordinary extend my decisions of pictures.

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