Getting it done, the art you need to know

I share the art of getting it done so you can improve your business and save a lot of time, these tips are great! Find inspiration and take action.

Getting it done

The art of getting it done

Hi, folks! Greeting again and welcome to my crazy blog. I Hope you are having a great week so far. Today I will be talking about the art of getting it done because things are not going to happen for some magic.

I am having some hard days lately but nothing I cannot handle. Right now I am just chilling for a while drinking a cold beer while I create some awesome and unique content for you.

Getting it done
The art of making things happen
Personal opinion


Before going more in deep, you should check out my other post where I teach you how to make your own strategy and how important it is for you when building an online business. You can read the blog post here.

Pay attention

Truly important

The main key to getting it done no matter what you are doing is to take action, that is your main weapon for your business, you need to understand that no one will work for your business, it will not grow unless you invest your valuable time. In the future, you can have an automated system working for you but when you are starting there is no way to do it, do not worry because this is your adventure, is not a race.

You need to stay focus, sit down and work hard every single day. If you have other responsibilities, just set a time to work as it were a real job. Working from home can create a lot of distractions, that is why you should stay focus, take action and have a plan because that is the art of getting it done.

When you are working at home I bet you are on Facebook reading funny stuff or turning on the tv, when you are at your job that does not happen, you cannot do whatever you want because you have responsibilities and deadlines that you cannot avoid. A great solution could be going out to a coffee shop, or any other place where you can work, relax for a while and focus on what really matters, that is a great way of getting it done without distractions.

Do not stop when you are tired, stop when you are done.

This is your own business, take your time and work when you can but try your best to be consistent over time, take action and do not be lazy. While you are working do not do anything else, do not turn on the tv, do not enter on any social network unless it is for work, focus on your goals, focus on getting it done, focus on your dreams and claim them with determination.

You should have your main and sub-goals near you all the time, otherwise, you will not take proper action and you will get distracted by something.

When you have less time to work on your business you need to track everything you do to know exactly how much time takes you to do specific things inside your strategy so you can compare the results and see what is working and what is not, you can save time with all this information.

Having your main goal divided into small and achievable goals allows you to focus better on getting it done, there is no reason to work nine hours per day, take your time and do it step by step.

A recipe for business
Taking action could be compared to a recipe, both works the same.
My blog

Case study

I like to use my blog as a case study to help you understand better what I want to say, things are not going to be awesome in just a week, this is a long term business so there is no need for me to work 10 hours a day creating content to be an authority site. Just with content on the blog people will not come because they cannot find it and free traffic takes a lot of time as well.

I need to track my time to avoid spending too much time on something that is not giving me results, the blog is important but what about social media and networking? I need them as well because they are important for me.

Take your time when exploring the art of getting it done, do your best from day one, you can change your strategy when you have more experience and an active routine with stats.

Final notes


Once you are used to your routine, you will do it automatically without thinking, that is the mindset and work ethic you need to have when facing this long journey.

Work hard until your idols become your rivals.

Today is Wednesday, 10.13 pm and I am writing my blog post, I am not watching a movie or playing games as I would like to, I can do that after I finish my tasks for today.

If I were at my normal job at this hour I would be quite mad let me tell you, almost insane. The crazy thing about this is that I do not feel that way working for my business, this is mine and I decided to do it, I love it. This is the real action I am talking about, the art of getting it done.

You can work between 1-3 hours per day for your long term business while creating content and being social about something you love, no matter the day or the hour, find time to getting it done because, in the end, it will pay off for sure.

Remember, you have all my support, wake up, kick ass and repeat! Just go for it mate, you are not alone anymore I am here to help you out.

Please, leave a comment below and share your opinion about getting it done, tell me your experience with your routine.

You think you were doing something wrong? That is normal, we are human and we make mistakes but we learn from failure, if it is important to you, you will find a way.

Never give up, keep the hard work mate, wish you luck and hope you have an amazing week.

Best regards,

Author: Nicolas Puegher

Blogger and entrepreneur. I like to share my experience to help people but also give good vibes and motivation.

60 thoughts on “Getting it done, the art you need to know”

  1. Nice post Nicolas.
    Strategies & plans are good…..but how i implement them is with some flexibility.
    Plans can be stripped down in to shorter, easier attainable goals.

    Don’t be too hard with ourselves if everything wasn’t completed that day.

    Instead…look at what was achieved & congratulate ourselves for that.

    Its not a race……we all go at our own pace……the only competition is ourselves.

  2. We all have to remember that we control our business outcome and no one else does!! So many blame up-line or anyone else when they fail, bu truth is the person failed no one else! Great post Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I like what you mention about having goals nearby…so many people neglect to realize how important this is. I paste my monthly goals to the wall like wallpaper, just above my desk, so I can always look up and have a reminder to keep going.

  4. I love this! I do find sometimes I am having a hard time concentrating when I am on a deadline for something. Then I realize that I have a lot of distractions around me. When I go in and hunker down in a quiet space and then I get the most productivity out of myself.

    1. Thanks, Alison! I am glad you like it. It could be hard to do it but as you said, trying different things to find your best place to do your things will always be the best option. I am very similar to you but depends on how I feel as well.

  5. You are a role model to a lot of people! I am a business student and i love reading these kind of articles. You have such control over your business it is really inspiring!

  6. I believe in myself and I always go as far as I can to show my best. However lately there were some issues with a friendship and it made me feel so small. Like I am the worst on the world. This is why it’s so important to keep believing in ourselves; if we don’t, no one will.
    xo sabine

    1. We always find some hard times but if you keep working hard you will find a way for sure, we are not perfect either and we make mistakes so do not worry too much about it. Exactly, no one will do it for us, keep your motivation high mate 🙂

  7. Very positive and useful points. I am awful at getting distracted but usually it is the other way around. I’ll be trying to watch TV but keep thinking of things I need to do. It takes me a good few hours to watch a 40 min program. I need to learn how to chill out and take some “me” time.

    1. Thanks, Helen! I get distracted quite easy as well but if you focus on your things first, you can have all the time you want to do whatever you enjoy! When doing it think about your relaxing time to get things done so you can enjoy your time even more later!

  8. I find it easy to take action but super hard to stay focused. I really don’t know how to deal with this. I start something but then finishing it is an issue because I get distracted by something else

    1. Do not worry about that, we all have the same problem. Like you said, the real hard part is being active, when you feel demotivated think about why you started and find your motivation right there!

  9. From where I am coming, things happen too quickly, and plans tend to change every other day. What I do, however, is prioritize my blog posts, and have some kind of schedule for it at the beginning of the week. I give each platform on social media some time every week. Instagram and Facebook – almost everyday.
    Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat – 2-3 days a week

    1. That is the attitude Khansa! Good for you to have an active routine, that is the way to go. Take your time because this is not a race, if you feel good with that just stick with it because if you try to do everything each day you probably will get overwhelmed.

  10. Staying focus and prioritizing are probably the first things I should practise. This all has a point – it’s somethng what we all should know but it helps when it’s said aloud.

  11. I totally agree! Though holding your own time if your work at home makes you flexible, it also gives you a challenge of getting it done. You feel cosy, homey and lazy so better STAY FOCUS! Great points you have here.

    1. I am happy to see you here Jessica! Working at home could be hard, is exactly as you said but the final goal will always give you motivation, that is why is important to have your goals near you at any time so you can read them 🙂

  12. I think I’m going to make this my new motto: “Do not stop when you are tired, stop when you are done.”!!!! Works for the gym and for studying. This has motivated me to get stuff done today 🙂

  13. As you say, breaking down goals is more effective. It also helps me not to get overwhelmed! I could definitely be more focused, so this is a great reminder of that.

  14. This post is really inspiring, Nicolas! I really love that you called it the ART of getting things done, as when you learn to get things done it does feel beautiful and inspiring like art!

    1. Right! Having your goals near you where you can see them at any moment will help you to keep going, a simple reminder of why you started and to never give up on your dreams!

  15. Great post! I agree with you 100%. Hard work always gives you results, but you also need to have a plan. It sure feels good to build your own bussiness, but you need to be persistant. It’s hard work but enjoyable! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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