Want to learn how to make some extra money online? Here is how to do it

Want to know how to make some extra money online? Here I share my experience doing it with simple ways that anyone can do.

How to make some extra money online

How to make some extra money online, my recommendation

Hello! Another day, another post. Today I want to share with you all my experience online and help you learn how to make some extra money online, there are different ways to do it and here I share all of them. All these methods worked for me so I hope you can do the same.

How to make some extra money online
How to make some extra money online – Simple ways
Very important

Some things you need to know

Maybe these methods are not the business plan you are looking for, I will help you understand all of them so you can scale your income.

You can create a real business but depends entire on you, here I share my experience with these methods and also, some tips for you to grow and have the best results. You will need to work and build a reputation, it will require a little effort from your side, but nothing to worry about.

It does not matter if you are looking to make a quick buck or build a real business, you can use this guide for both.

Making reviews

How to make some extra money online #1

The first method I want to share is about making reviews. You do not need any experience to apply but you will need a microphone and in some cases, a camera on your PC or phone because these reviews are not about physical products, are about websites and apps.

On the site I am going to share, you only need a microphone. You need to speak English, but do not worry, English is not my first language and my speaking is not very good either, but they like my feedback.

You do not need to be an expert, they want feedback from normal users like you and they are willing to pay pretty nice money for your time.

Working as a reviewer it is very effective but time-consuming since you will not be able to do as many as you want unless you have time to stay online waiting for a new review to pop up.

There are plenty of sites for you to choose and probably they work different, maybe you find something better, but the site I know works this way and I only recommend this one because I know it works. I do not really want to recommend you something I do not know, you can find more on Google and test them, is up to you.

User Testing is the site I recommend, you need to create a new account and make a test, it is simple and anyone can do it, they want to know if you fit the shoes to create high-quality reviews, also you need to fill some demographic information and preferred content.

Each review will take you less than 15 minutes, all you have to do is talk what you think loud and clear, they love your feedback. Each website or app will submit tasks for you to do, simple things like “find the featured hotel in London – England” or “try to order the latest book”.

Everything you do is recorded so they can see exactly how their website or app works in terms of user interface and how easily is for a normal user to find what they want. If you keep asking yourself how to make some extra money online, this is a very nice option for everyone.

The software they use is very cool, you can pause the video at any moment so you can read the task or do whatever you want and when you feel ready just keep recording. I like to pause the video so I can read the task and prepare myself to speak and make the video better without silence.

Keep talking and share anything you want, maybe you feel lost finding the task? Say it! Maybe you like something? Say it! There is something you would change? Say it! Any feedback will be very helpful and if they rate your review with five stars your account will receive more and better reviews with time, here is where your reputation matters.

User Testing pays out $10 for website reviews and $15 for app reviews.

For app reviews, you will need to make your video from your phone, you need to install a custom app to do it and it will take you less than 15 minutes as well as website reviews. Again, there is no camera required. Sadly, not everything is good.

Depending on where you live, you will be able to complete different reviews, here is where your demographics matters. Maybe there is a website review available but they only want people from the United States and if you are not from there, you cannot do the review.

Some other reviews are available for anyone, that is why I told you about time consuming, these reviews will be online for a short amount of time, maybe they want just 5 or 10 reviews so you have to be quick, once you are in, you can take your time, you do not need to rush and thinking someone else will take your place, you only need to be quick to apply.

You need to be online waiting for new reviews to show up, maybe at the beginning, you will not have too much to do because your account is new, build your reputation and you will receive more reviews on your feed. You can decline any of them as you want to keep your feed clean.

There are different ways to know when a new review is available, you can receive an email or a notification on your phone. The best way for me is to have the site on a separate tab because any time a new review is available, you will hear a bell sound, this way you will not miss any of them.

Do not worry if you fail to apply or if you are not inside the demographics, there are plenty of them, remember to build your reputation because better accounts mean more reviews, do not give up because in the end, it will pay for sure.

User Testing will pay you exactly 7 days after you submit your review, on PayPal of course!

Nothing else to say about it, take action and make some results! If you have any question about this method, please leave a comment below and I will help you as soon as possible.

GiG creation on Fiverr

How to make some extra money online #2

This method could be more difficult since it depends on what kind of content you are able to create and how you will promote your gig or multiple gigs.

I recommend you to explore for a while and see what other people are doing to find some inspiration, maybe you can do better than someone or even create something new.

The good part is that you can create anything you want, for example, videos of any kind like reviews, songs, maybe graphics or translations. It should be something you are good at, that can be done in a short time.

Your first step will be a simple GiG for $5, gain some experience and then start adding extra GiGs like more content, the extra fast option to deliver your service faster for more money or even different GiGs.

You need to know something before working on Fiverr, no one want to buy a new GiG with no reviews and no sales, all you have to do is to ask some friends to buy your GiG and leave a positive feedback, you can even pay for it yourself, something like an investment for your business.

Thumbnails are super important, it is necessary to catch the attention and create curiosity so people can engage with you and make a sale, maybe a regular client.

I made a few contacts from Fiverr but it was not the best business model for me because I was doing websites, icon sets, social media content, and apps. It was quite a time-consuming so I started doing translations because it was more effective.

You do not need to create just one GiG, you can create multiple GiGs with different topics, for example, graphics, translations or videos. Just explore and find things you like, there are a lot of niches on Fiverr to choose.

Again, your reputation is everything you have so try your best to provide quality and good support to your customers. Another tip to get started is getting impressions on your GiG so you can stand out, impressions means how much people see your GiG when they are exploring Fiverr, the more impressions the more presence your GiG will have when it is new.

You can try safelists, not to drive traffic or promote your service because it will not work, people just want credits for sending more emails, they are not interested in buying anything from you. This method can help you get started with a decent amount of impressions, even if they are not engaging with your content.

Safelists are a list of people looking to drive stats, there are plenty of sites where you can sign up and start sending emails right away, each email you send will cost you credits, you can add credits to your account just by opening emails from other people.

As I told you, they just want some stats, they do not even care about your content so you will never make a sale with safelists, just do it to get impressions.

You can Google “best safelists” to find them, they work differently from each other but they offer a free membership where you can send one email right away to at least 200 or more people, sign up for a new Gmail account, some of them will require two different Gmail accounts, do not use your main email because you will receive a lot of emails from other users.

Create two new Gmail accounts just for the safelists, do not try to expand your safelists empire because it will drain your energy, people will not buy anything from you, find clients with quality traffic, ask friends to buy your GiG, get impressions, create something awesome and see the orders coming one after another.

A lot of people want to know how to make some extra money online and most of them are afraid to make the move, what are you going to do?

Having experience driving traffic will help you a lot, but if you do everything I told you, Fiverr will promote your GiG for free, keep learning because, in the end, you will need traffic from other sites like Google, you can add paid traffic to your strategy, maybe a blog or social media, you do not need to be an expert, just take your time, keep working hard and take action.

My last tip for Fiverr is to add a video to your GiG, people will engage more and looks more professional, you can even hire someone from Fiverr to make your video if you do not feel comfortable doing it.

Work hard every day
Achieve your goals
Freelance service

How to make some extra money online #3

This is the method I like the most, maybe because I have experience working as a graphic designer and I know exactly what to do, even when talking to clients.

Starting is not easy, you need to build your reputation but if you already have one, just link all your social media accounts like LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Behance, Dribble, anything to expand your presence and show your reputation.

People will be more likely to hire you if you have experience or good feedback on your profile, you can apply the Fiverr strategy here as well, ask some friends to hire you even if you pay for it, just to have some jobs and feedback on your account to get started.

Your portfolio is super important, show the best of you and be professional, add categories and update it from time to time.

You do not need to be a graphic designer to work as a freelancer, being a freelancer goes from things like writing articles, creating social media content, coding websites, doing translations, selling your time as an assistant and much more.

I recommend you to explore so you can have a better idea what you can do, there are plenty of jobs out there waiting for you, find something you can do and start making money.

There are different sites where you can start working as a freelancer, I will explain all of them in detail so you can pick one or even all, there is no limit. Before starting there is something you need to know about these sites, they all work the same, there is a bid system where you have an amount of bids per month for free and you need to use them when you apply for a job.

There are free accounts and premium accounts, you do not need a premium account to make money but you can reach much more jobs having one because you have more bids per month.

If the job is good it will cost you more bids, also, you can rank first on the list if you invest bids so the client will see you first but you can get hired even without doing it. Providing a good proposal with a good profile will help you get hired, these two things are very important.

Maybe you will receive a message from the client asking you a few things before hiring you, be professional and help people to solve their problems.

For me is the hardest because of the competition, you will need to make a few jobs for a low price first to start building your reputation, then you can apply to better jobs once you get used to it.

You do not need to pay for an account, but as a free member you will have a low number of bids to find clients, but you can create team account where you can add your main account so you have two different options to apply and more bids than having only one account.

If you can afford to pay for more bids, you should do it because it will help you reach more clients and have more opportunities to make more money.

This site is the best to start with, less competition and a good amount of jobs. As a free member, you have a decent amount of bids but you can also pay for a premium account to have more bids each month. With less competition you have more chances to be hired and also the money will be better than the other sites with a lot of competition.

It will take a while to see results, you only need to be consistent and focus on your goals, you will find clients for sure.

  • Envato (mix of different niches)

I love Envato, you can find a lot of niches to choose but you need to be an expert to work here because the entry level is very high and they care about the quality.

ThemeForest, where you can buy and sell any kind of websites.
CodeCanyon, where you can buy and sell any kind of code.
VideoHive, where you can buy and sell any kind of video or animation.
AudioJungle, where you can buy and sell any kind of music.
GraphicRiver, where you can buy and sell any kind of graphics.
PhotoDune, where you can buy and sell any kind of photos.
3dOcean, where you can buy and sell any kind of 3d graphics.

If you work hard and learn everything you can be accepted, the benefits can be huge.

It will be normal to be rejected for a while before doing some money, a small mistake updating your product will lead to a rejection even if your product is good, they care a lot about these small things because the clients are used to have things like a help.txt with full detail, ways to contact you and how good your files are (names, folders, categories, etc).

There are a lot of people each day buying things from Envato, you do not need to drive traffic because they do everything for you, but if you can drive traffic I highly recommend you because it will help you stand out even more.

If you are wondering how to make some extra money online and you have a great experience in some area related to this site just go for it.

You can find free products each month on these sites, check them out so you can see the quality and how you should upload your files. Each month I download all these files because they are awesome.

Tutsplus is a blog from Envato where you can find tutorials for anything related to these topics, but you can also write for them and get paid for it if you are good enough.

As I said, being accepted will not be easy, your quality should be high and you need to learn how to prepare your files to help buyers understand your products, maybe you sell a code for WordPress but the buyer is not an expert like you, so you need to think about that and make your files super easy to understand, even for people with less knowledge.

Explore for a while to find inspiration, check the featured files so you can learn what they are doing to have success so you can create your own product.

Sell online

How to make some extra money online #4

You probably have some things to sell but for some reason, you never do anything about it. Amazon and Ebay are the most common sites to sell stuff and they have a lot of traffic, it will not be hard for you as a seller.

I recommend you to find a local market online because these markets will not take a commission from you so you can make more money and help the buyer save some money as well.

You should have some local markets, if not just stick with Amazon or Ebay, they are great options as well.

Final notes


No matter what you do, never beg for a job. If you sound desperate, people will not hire you or buy something from you, do not pretend! Be honest and real, focus on your goals and never give up.

Pay attention to your speech when talking to clients, you can improve it and get better results, you need to learn how to approach new clients and get the job done. Keep learning and working hard because no one is born with knowledge, we create it with experience and time. I hope these methods can help you make some money online.

Please, leave a comment below if you have questions about it so I can help you out or if you want to share your experience with any of these methods I will appreciate your time, have a nice day. Thanks to Ervins Strauhmanis for the image.

Best Regards,

Author: Nicolas Puegher

Blogger and entrepreneur. I like to share my experience to help people but also give good vibes and motivation.

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  1. Hello Nicolas,

    Many thanks for sharing this post. Actually its very timely as over the weekend I am going to email my list who are mostly newbie online marketers, and will be sharing with them ideas about how to get started online.

    With your permission I’d like to send the a link to this post to give them some ideas about money making opportunities you have provided. I will not be recommending them to do anything but simply use my email that contains a few links as a learning process.

    Of the 4 you mentioned the one I am aware of the most is the “sell online” option, especially using affiliate marketing techniques. I did play around with Fiverr a litle time ago but somehow that option went by the way after a short time. By the way I’m not saying that Fiverr option is not profitable. It surely is but it did not grab my attention enough – that’s all.

    Many thanks for this important share Nicoloas and thank yo for visiting my place.

    Best wishes from a remote Thai village marketer


    1. Thanks for your visit Peter, it should be hard to come here from the remote Thai Village so I appreciate your time.

      Use this post as you want! You have my permission, do not worry about it. I am glad that you want to share my experience with your readers, hope they enjoy the information. Fiverr could be really great but only if you are a top seller, otherwise it is just a quick buck or a secondary job, maybe a part-time because to do great money there you need to be inside the TOP group, Fiverr can be a great choice for people who want to make some quick buck online, but to build a long-term business Fiverr demands a lot of work.

      The real good thing about Fiverr is that it can be a traffic source for anything you are doing, for example, you can create videos for Fiverr while you have a YouTube channel or maybe you can create graphics and have links to your portfolio or website, Fiverr have lots of traffic and all your GiGs have your information 24/7.

      Thanks again Peter, have an awesome day 🙂

  2. Thank you for this. It’s great to have other bloggers posting things to help others. I recently found myself wishing that I had something to sell, but I am not sure how all of that works. I am fairly new to the blogging scene and hoping to maybe earn a little side cash from it at some point. But it would be nice if I had something else to do in addition to that. Anyway, keep writing!!

    1. Glad to see you here Pam. Well, helping people is one of the goals for this blog. You do not need to have your own products to sell, for example, you can work as an affiliate promoting products from other people for a commission, but only if you are new because does not work long term. The reason is that you receive a high commission like 80%, 90% even 100% but for a single time, you lost a client leading him to another list, if your lead buys something else in the future you will not receive a commission.

      You can promote your own products and build your personal email list, offering something with great value for free in exchange of their emails will be the way to go (some techniques about email marketing will be required). This is hard because is not easy to create products, there is another option, finding a licensing model. This is almost the same as an affiliate, but the difference is that you own a sales funnel with great products and you can build your own email list and sell all as yours, you have the same system of commissions, not only 1 time but on each sale from the same lead. Maybe you have a 100% commission but you need to pay monthly for the funnels or maybe you buy it on one-time payment but with a % of all commissions.

      When you have experience, you can create your own stuff to control everything. Hope this can help you a little more, see you soon.

  3. Great information!! I did not know about the review options. I work as a Freelance Writer. I mainly use Fiverr and Upwork. When I first started working on Fiverr I just went to Buyers Requests and sent out great pitches for those. I got my first gig within two hours. I love working Freelance!! 🙂

    1. Good to see you here Chelsea! Doing reviews is easy and anyone can do it. Fiverr and Upwork are great too, try Freelancer as well, you can find tons of different jobs there!

    1. Hi, Erickah and welcome! That is great! Freelancing is very powerful and can be done just going to different freelance websites. The exposure is great, even better if the client allows you to leave a link to your blog and add credit like a guest post 🙂

  4. Great article! I usually sell on eBay the things and clothes I don’t need anymore to make some extra money. I also sometimes design websites and different leaflets, when I become desperate for some extra cash. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Joanna and welcome to my blog! That is awesome! eBay is great to sell physical things. I am glad that you can make money doing websites! That is the cool thing about freelancing.

  5. Thank you for sharing. These are probably simple way to make money, but it’s needed to remind people that no money is easy to make… You’ll always have to work hard for it!

    1. No, thanks to you Florence for your visit. Indeed, even if you can make money online there is no button to print money, there is time involved and tons of work behind any money online 🙂

  6. Great tips! I occasionally review products on amazon in exchange for a discount or a free product, but that doesn’t pay and I was not aware you could make money doing reviews outside of affiliate posts on your blog, and you need a large audience before you can usually get those opportunities. I will look into User testing as I find I genuinely enjoy writing reviews. I also like your idea of selling something, I don’t sell anything through Ebay or Amazon, but recently opened an Etsy shop to sell my photography prints. I need to work on marketing it more to see if it will bring in some sort of income, but it was super easy to set up and really cheap, so that may be another avenue some of your readers may be interested in.

    1. Hi and welcome Karina! That is a cool tip for anyone looking to save some bucks! Thanks for sharing. User Testing is great, you can make money right away and you do not need previews experience to do it, just follow the instructions and speak loud! They will approve you and reviews will be there!

      Never did anything with Etsy but thanks for sharing your experience to add value to the post, awesome Karina!

  7. I’m a freelancer (a reviewer and a VA) who is looking for other ways to earn money. I’ve read many articles about it but your post has narrowed it down to what really works. Thanks for this post. I’m gonna give Fiverr another go. 🙂

    1. Welcome, Gecca! That is my experience, I did money with all these methods so I only share things I know that work, I am glad to help you and wish you luck with your journey.

    1. Hi, provokeasmileblog and welcome to my blog! That is old-school freelancing, is pretty good even these days, the best marketing you can find is from a recomendation, still I highly recommend to your husband to expand their business to any of these sites to find even more clients and referrals. I am glad to help 🙂

  8. These are great money making options. I really love the idea of selling online seems a bit easier than my garage sales.

    1. Welcome Monroe Bishop, I am glad to see you here. Thank, I am doing my best to provide awesome information to my readers, it is much easier for sure, you should give it a try!

    1. I am happy to see you here Roberta! No, thanks to you for your visit. You should check them out because these websites are great to find clients and get more exposure to your brand.

  9. Thank you for all the great ideas! I am new to blogging and I have recently started to explore new possibilities for earning my living through Internet. I must say, I had no idea some of these sites existed. I am way behind, I guess. Still a lot to learn. Thank you again. Very helpful post! 🙂

    1. No problem Rodanthi! We learn with time, you should try some of these methods, maybe you can find a good business there. You are not behind, you are in your way! I am glad you enjoy the content mate 🙂

    1. I am glad to help Chris! User Testing is very good and when I say anyone can do it, trust me! Anyone can do it 🙂

  10. Thanks for sharing so many information about how someone can make money online. I must admit never tried them or of someone never hear about them. The only one i think i can try is the selling online, the others seems a little complicates for me after just this read.

    1. I am glad to help Mihaela. You could try making reviews, is super simple and anyone can do it without experience. They want people just like you, normal users, they want your feedback and they pay for it. You just need a microphone and 10 minutes of your time, nothing else. Working on freelance sites is not super hard either, sign up and explore for a while to learn a few things, the only way to learn is by doing it, do not look down on yourself! Failure is part of success 🙂

  11. That’s a great idea about reviews, I didn’t know there are sites to help you with that!
    I’d also add affiliate links to this list. Not everybody is willing to create a site or blog though, but if they do, those links overtime may cover a few costs…

    1. There are a lot of sites for anything! That is why networking is super important, there is no way to know everything out there because the internet can be like the universe. Affiliate links can be a great way too, but you need some experience to make money with it, building a random blog just for making money with link is not going to work well unless the products are good, I would never promote something I do not trust to my audience. Now, if you know what you are doing could be an amazing way! Thanks for sharing your experience and add more value to my post, you are awesome Renata!

  12. Thank you so much for this post. As I’m just starting out with online marketing and freelancing, reading information like this is just what I needed. Reviews I was unaware of but will definitely be having a look. Thanks again ☺

    1. No problem Chrissie! You will be able to do anything you want, keep going no matter what! You should try doing some review, anyone can do it. If you need help with your freelance journey just contact me on social media and I will do my best to help you 🙂

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