The importance of blogging leverage. All you have to know about this powerful strategy

The importance of blogging leverage is well known but in case you are not aware of it here you can learn this powerful strategy.

Importance of blogging leverage

Importance of blogging leverage for business

Hello, friend! Welcome once again to my little blog inside this huge internet jungle. Today I feel very good and I have a lot of energy so I am looking forward to making lots of small goals this amazing week. Today I have a wonderful topic to share with you, I will be sharing my experience about the importance of blogging leverage and why you should do it.

Leverage is super important because you create valuable help with old content, simple experience or even results. Are you interested?

Importance of blogging leverage
Powerful business strategy for your blog.
Leverage definition


Leverage is the use of various financial instruments or borrowed capital, such as margin, to increase the potential return of an investment.

The basics

All you have to know about it

Knowing the definition you are probably wondering how the hell you are going to leverage your blog, relax! I got you mate.

Leverage is very global and massive, even if the definition talks about financial instruments, borrowed capital, and a return of investments you can apply this rule to your blog pretty easily.

Here is where the importance of blogging leverage makes a triumphant entrance, you can leverage all your old content to create new, fresh and valuable content to share and help people.

Content is just one simple thing you can leverage, but the reality is that you can leverage everything you want, for example, your experience, any result you are getting or had before, there is no limit on what you can leverage.

How to do it?

Simple way but effective

To enhance your blog all you have to do is to find good old content to leverage so you can create a free ebook for example with lots of posts related to a single topic like email marketing.

Everything begins with the first step.

You can leverage your experience writing a new blog post, you can leverage your new knowledge after watching a video, after reading a book or after getting any kind of result that someone will find it helpful.

The importance of blogging leverage is pretty high and you need to implement it inside your strategy, your online presence will improve but also your small business authority as a problem solver.

Be creative

There is no limit here

There is no limit on what you can leverage, use your mind. For example, did you make your first sale online? or your very first money online? Well, you can sell a full report on forums or even on your blog.

If you do not have your own ebook because you are busy there is no better way than leverage, use your old blog posts to create a new and fresh content, of course, do not just copy and paste, add more value and great bonuses because people love it!

Even to make a guest post you can collect all the information you have to create some unique and valuable post that will help you get noticed, add backlinks and build new relationships.

Importance of leverage
Be sure to make it a priority.
Do not copy and paste

Never ever, just be original

There is no need to do this. If people can read all of your blog posts why should they download your free ebook with nothing new? Use your content as a base to create a new content based on that.

People will find it lazy if you just copy and paste to leverage, you do not need to write all over again because you had the topic and almost everything to cover, it will be pretty simple to add more value and change some things. Maybe you can delete irrelevant content because the old you is not as good as your actual you.

Leverage it is very important and that is something you need to implement inside your strategy online. You can leverage anything, for example, you did your first sale or your first money online?

The best is yet to come.

Well, you can sell a report on forums or your website, you can make a report based only on your knowledge and do the same, a report to sell or could be an ebook to build your email list. Are you learning new tricks right? I know you are clearly seeing the importance of blogging leverage.

New income stream

Making money

You can create new income streams, as I told you there is no limit here and you can make money if you think properly.

The same way you can make an ebook, you can create a full course to sell in your sales funnel or give it for free, it is up to you what to do with it.

Final notes


Learning the importance of blogging leverage will help your blog and small business in different ways. Not only you can drive new targeted traffic, make sales, create new income streams, write an ebook, create products like a course, you can even create guest posts or new content for your blog.

Be creative because anything can be valuable, any result such as making money online, making your first sale, creating a blog, generating traffic, making videos or even the software you use can be used for leverage.

Are you learning from a mentor? Leverage everything you learn and help other people teaching them all your new knowledge.

I learned all these techniques from different sources, mentors, mistakes, blogs, videos, books and even social media. It’s a cycle that never ends, once you get used to it, you will do it almost with everything.

The good parts? It cost you nothing at all, it helps to save your valuable time, build relationships, create new income streams, drive targeted traffic, create new content and push your reputation higher.

Think outside the box, leverage your skills, your knowledge, your experience, your mistakes, your results, your vision, your content and your passion.

Do not forget to be awesome.

Provide quality over quantity, please remember this words, ok? Start making some wonderful leverage right now!

Are you fully aware of the importance of blogging leverage now? Are you going to take action? Please leave a comment below and share any experience you have with leverage, I would love to read about it. If not, just share your thoughts about your new leverage knowledge so I can know if it was helpful for you.

I truly hope to inspire you with this post, you have no limits! You can do so many things now, I am sure you have some great ideas, take action and believe in your skills, my friend. Have a good day.

Best Regards,

Author: Nicolas Puegher

Blogger and entrepreneur. I like to share my experience to help people but also give good vibes and motivation.

42 thoughts on “The importance of blogging leverage. All you have to know about this powerful strategy”

  1. First of all Nicolas,
    This is the icing on the cake! Thank you for sharing this post because it really went into detail beautifully. Leverage is magical because this is how residual income comes to life. Using leverage gives you the time freedom to do other things this way you can grow even more in whatever you put your heart into.

  2. Thanks Nicolas for sharing this wonderful post! Based on the blog that you have written, I’ve come to conclude that blogging leverage is somewhat similar to repurposing content or updating content and publishing it into a new form. But no matter how we call it, I agree that we should make full use of our popular old content so as to reach many people who prefer digesting the message of the content in different forms such as ebooks, guides, checklists, podcasts, or videos.

    1. Is not like posting the same again, it’s a new and fresh content based on something old, with a new value. It helps a lot to manage time when you are busy or don’t feel creative at all. A lot of people watch videos but never ever read a blog, you can mix 5 blog posts with all your new experience adding a lot of value to create a full guide in depth for YouTube and reaching a new audience that you don’t have access using just your blog.

    1. Bases on your blog that is all about fashion and stories you can create an ebook about lots of things, for example how to dress up properly, color combinations for one or all seasons, maybe something about the perfect makeup?

  3. I never have thought about it as leveraging before but it does fit the bill. You are so right that creating an ebook is leveraging your content. Working on that now! 🙂

  4. This is a great way to use old content and bring them forward to keep driving people to your website. I think focusing on a specific niche will make all of this easier as well. It’s a good concept, this blogging leverage, I’ve never used that term before but I’m definitely familiar with the process.

  5. i do this alot, Nic am glad i see people who think same way and belive in being original… old never dies, you have to always bring back the old posts and keep it freshly green.

  6. Great post. You make a lot of good points about leveraging. We only have so much time to create a blog and monetize it. Even if one doesn’t want to create an ebook, a blog post can be turned into a video, or a podcast. There is so much more than any of us can really do.. I can seriously work all day with the blog and still feel like I’m never done (if I don’t have a planner lol).

    1. You are right, I also feel the same as you I’m never done lol. Making videos can be a great idea as I said before, lots of people like videos more than blogs and you will never reach those with a blog.

  7. I liked your Blogging Leverage concept. It will not only help to promote old contents again but also increase the engagement from the readers. Thanks once again for sharing these useful tips!

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