Internet traffic guide to get free exposure

These are great methods I know to get free internet traffic, you will learn a lot! Pretty basic guide but even if you have experience with it, you can find helpful tips here.

Internet traffic

Internet traffic guide to improve your business

Hi and welcome once again friend! Just starting the week and writing a cool blog post for my dear readers. Today the topic is internet traffic but I will be talking only about free traffic sources, in the future, I will make a similar post for paid traffic.

internet traffic
Different methods to get free traffic!
The basics


I want to share my experience with internet traffic, I learned a lot these last weeks and maybe you can find helpful information here about free traffic if you are just starting or looking to improve your results.

Search engine

Great resource #1

If you need to find something you will use a search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo for example, unless you know exactly the URL there is no way for you to find something without it.

They all love great content and awesome blogs so is a win-win for everyone.

Now, it is true that there is a lot of potential ranking for keywords but is not easy at all if you are not an authority because the internet is huge and you are not the only one trying to rank. Lucky for you internet is massive and you can find keywords for all levels from beginner to expert.

Keywords with a low amount of searches per month would be more likely to beginners with new blogs and keywords with tons of searches per month would be only for experts since to be competitive you need to be an authority site. What is an authority site? Just a site with a lot of traffic, a ton of content, experience and time.

Google Adwords is a free tool you can use to find the perfect keyword for you, very simple.

If you cannot rank is because your site is too new or too young, keep working hard, adding more content, trying your best to get traffic and improve every day. You can track your progress by installing an extension for your browser from Alexa. With the Alexa Traffic Rank you can check your position, the lower the number the better.

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

New sites will start over a million as a minimum while hot sites like YouTube have a single digit. With the extension, you can know the position of every website you visit, very helpful and awesome!

Do not get crazy about it either, do not force things with your ranking, is just a number.

Keep working on your backlinks and engagement and you will see a boost in your free internet traffic journey. Never copy an article, post or any other content because it will not rank well, only unique and amazing content will rank.


Great resource #2

This can be super powerful and most people think of it as a joke. Forums are massive and when we are talking about free internet traffic there is no better option than a great forum.

If you do not know, a forum is just a place where you can create content, engage and find a lot of information. Everyone can create threads with a title and content so other people can read it or leave a comment. Be sure to read the rules before doing something, each forum works the same but the rules are different.

Also, if you are going to create a thread make your best to find the best section for it, it can be deleted or moved depending on the moderator and the forum Every forum is different but it does not matter what kind of niche you have because there is a great forum for any niche out there.

Why is this so important? Well, your audience is just there! People who love what you love, people who want to learn what you know, etc. The readers you want so badly are just there waiting for you, being active and helping people is the way to go.

To find a forum just use any search engine with something like “internet traffic forum”, “football forum”, “cooking forum”, etc.

Once again I will recommend you to get the Alexa extension for your browser to find good forums, there is no point to invest and spend a lot of your valuable time into an inactive forum or not relevant with a low amount of traffic. Aim for a good forum with activity, engage and traffic to get the best out of it, then just work hard, keep helping people, doing friends and sharing your awesome knowledge!

How it works is very simple, most forums work the same way. Signatures are the real deal, you do not need to spam your links or anything because you can get banned from the forum, only promote your blog inside your signature. Every user can have a signature and is displayed below your posts or comments.

If your niche is cooking you can create for example some threads about cool recipes you like or be social with other people leaving comments on other threads. Your signature will be always there, below any comment of yours, do not spam comments because you can get banned, be legit and professional! Help people, engage with them, make friends! They will visit your site for sure.

Internet traffic can be hard if you are lost but I think there is a lot of potential in forums.

If your niche is cooking you can create content or leave awesome comments with a signature talking about your blog, something catchy and leave a link! You can edit your signature any time you want.

Remember not to spam or anything, the only way to promote your blog in a forum is inside your signature! Never promote links directly and never sell things to people! Focus on offering help and being awesome.

find your audience
Get free exposure finding your audience online!
Blog commenting

Great resource #3

This method is very good but it takes time and a lot of patience. First, you need to find popular blogs where your audience is, very active blogs where you can find helpful information and also leave feedback or even add value to the post. If you stand out from the rest you can make better results.

For example, you find a cool new post from one of the blogs where your audience is. After reading, you leave a comment with great value and people will see it. If they click your name they will visit your site! How amazing is that?

Spamming will not do anything for you, find good blogs and be real! No one is going to visit your blog if you leave a comment like “Hey! Visit my blog if you want to read the latest …..” instead, leave a helpful comment.

Leaving a comment with a link is not a good idea, looks like spam. A lot of blogs are using plugins to highlight your last blog post below any of your comments, blogs like mine, there is no need to leave a link.

Same as forums, offer value and do not think about traffic, do not spam and do your best!

Social networks

Great resource #4

One of the most powerful if done correctly. Any free internet traffic source has things in common like offering value and building a relationship.

Social media can be hard but if you have constancy things will work, focus on 80% great content and engagement leaving 20% for promoting.

In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.

People want to have some fun, share some funny things not to buy something. Drive the traffic to your blog first, then you can promote things over there or even on your email list. Use your social networks to engage with your audience! You can find them inside groups or lists!

I am not going to lie, it will take a lot of time to create an active account but the key is to be consistent with relevant content.

You do not need to have 100 different accounts, use the social network you like the most and if you have more than one try your best not to get overwhelmed. If you feel that way just try with less!

Final notes


That is everything for today friend! Hope my experience can help you in some way. I want you to comment and share your experience with any of these methods. If you have another great way to get free internet traffic just let me know!

Best regards,

Author: Nicolas Puegher

Blogger and entrepreneur. I like to share my experience to help people but also give good vibes and motivation.

62 thoughts on “Internet traffic guide to get free exposure”

  1. Internet traffics have been changing rapidly during last years. I remember my first search engine AltaVista. It was years before Google. Today, almost nobody remember about it. Next there was Google revolution. Today, social media are the most powerful internet traffic tool. I guess it won’t change soon. Interesting summary of different internet traffics.

  2. This is an awesome guide especially for new bloggers who are just learning about marketing and promoting their blogs. There are many options to gain traffic but it takes a little effort and if you’re willing to make time to promote your blog then it’s going to be worth it!

    1. If you can improve your ranking, you can get more exposure on Google. You can make organic traffic even from old posts, but first, your site should be an authority. Even if it takes a while, keep going!

    1. Don’t worry you can improve your rank with time and hard work. Keep doing great content, make sure to optimize your content for SEO to make it more appealing for Google. Also, try your best to make some shares on any social media or site, backlinks are important as well to improve your ranking.

  3. Great post and a lot of things to think about. Using the correct keywords is key plus comments (not FB comments) shows google you are sociable which is one of their new algorithms

  4. Hi Nicolas,
    Awesome post mate and one that all of us can truly benefit from.

    Being the technical dummy that I am when it comes to SEO and all that search engine stuff, the tip you gave about grabbing the Alexa extension was very much appreciated.

    Forums have never been a great source of traffic for me and probably because I never really enjoyed that strategy!

    A lot of my free traffic comes from my blog commenting and yes it does take time. However, I don’t approach it as a traffic source but rather as a way to build a newwork and relatioships in my niche. The blog commenting is just the first step but it really does work if you are prepared to give it the time required.

    Q & A sites like Quora have been a very good source of free targeted traffic for me but that traffic whilst targeted, is difficult to convert into buyers as quite often it’s people seeking information only.

    As far as social netwrks are concerned the best results I get are from Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. However, I also learned a good lesson that many Facebook groups are a complete waste of time as they are simply full of promotions with no one really engaging or showing any interest. They’re like a digital billboard and with no real traffic potential.

    Facebook by is very size cannot be ignored and it can provide us with free traffic but for me Twitter and Pinterest are proving to be sources of more engaged website visitors.

    Mamny thanks for sharing your experience and expertise Nicolas – much appreciated

    Best wishes from the remote Thai villabe marketer


    1. Thanks for your visit Peter! Outstanding comment as always mate. You are right, blog commenting could be very basic for any blog but can make good results if you know what you are doing. As you said it takes a lot of time.

      Facebook groups are powerful, the thing is to find those where you can make traffic or even followers, but it’s true that a lot of groups are pure trash. Thanks again Peter for sharing your experience and results, have an amazing week mate!

  5. Thanks for this wealth of information. I am still a newbie in the blogging world and need all the assistance I can get.

  6. Before I moved to the client side, I had been working in a digital company where we did SEO both on-site and offsite, and even though I know the basics I can never seem to find the time to implement it properly on my website. I have now been trying to work more on the right titles, the right keywords, and the right type of social media. So let’s hope it will start making a difference. Definitely some niches are easier than others, or that’s what it looks like πŸ™‚ Great post.

    1. Thanks for sharing your story Nya! With all the new things we have these days, we can find helpful tools like Yoast SEO, you can install the plugin and get a lot of information for free. Check out this plugin if you are not using it already, the best out there and it gives you so much information about each post you make so you can optimize it perfectly!

  7. You made some really great points and gave some great tips! I find that social, blog commenting and groups are really key for traffic. It’s all about getting your work out there and making real relationships.

    La Belle Sirene

    1. It’s both, you can search for keywords and stats totally for free, now if you want them to promote you on certain keywords you need to pay. You don’t need to do it, just use it as a free tool to search keywords for your content.

  8. Wow man you have given us some nice information to start getting traffic to my blog. I will definitely be using this as a guide. I am just now starting my new blog. I have had other sites but you know if you start wrong you are going to do things wrong. So your post was brought to me on a silver platter. Sincerely “The Profit Guy.

    1. Awesome to see you here David! Go for it! Doing it again with more experience will be very good and I am sure your blog will be amazing. If you need help with something just contact me πŸ™‚

  9. Great resource – thank you for sharing! My writing blog is still in its early stages, and I am working to build my traffic organically through social media (Twitter, Pinterest, FB) for now.

  10. Extraordinary post and a ton of things to consider. Utilizing the right catchphrases is key in addition to remarks (not FB remarks) demonstrates google you are amiable which is one of their new calculations

  11. Before I moved to the customer side, I had been working in a computerized organization where we did SEO both on location and offsite, and despite the fact that I know the nuts and bolts I can never appear to discover an ideal opportunity to actualize it legitimately on my site. I have now been attempting to work more on the right titles, the privilege catchphrases, and the right sort of online networking. So how about we trust it will begin having any kind of effect. Certainly a few corners are less demanding than others, or that is the thing that it would appear that ? Great post.

  12. Everyone needs more traffic, thank you for sharing this with us! New bloggers are always searching new ways or old ways to improve theirselves!

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