Keywords research tips and tricks you need to know

You do not need to be an authority to use keywords to get exposure or be found. With all these tips and tricks you will be able to rank and improve your site very well!

Keywords research

Keywords research tips and tricks for your business

Hello, my friend! Today I have a very interesting blog post for you, free traffic is always something great, I am sure you love it as well. Keep reading to learn everything about doing different keywords research so you can grow faster and get the exposure you deserve.

keywords research
Make some keywords research to make your content visible!
The basics


Here you can find everything you need to know about keywords, you can benefit from them even if you are a new blogger! Anyone can be awesome finding keywords, the secret is to know what to do, that is the purpose of this blog post, hope you enjoy it.

Keyword term

What is a Keyword?

Keywords are just targeted words people use to find a specific piece of content but also content creators use these keywords to be found.

When you want to find something on the internet you go to any of the search engines out there to make a quick search using some related words. For example, I am looking for information about Derrick Rose (NBA Player) going to the New York Knicks, all I have to do is go to Google and type “Derrick Rose Knicks”.

Pretty basic, right? I will be able to find some quality and relevant content right away.

Thanks to keywords you can optimize your content to be found, use the search engine as a tool for business, do not underestimate the power of doing keywords research to get noticed.

Types of keywords

Helpful tip

So far you know all the basics, now is time for more in-depth information to find the proper keyword and learn about different keywords for the same topic.

I am going to use the same subject as before. Doing keywords research can help you grow, having your content in front of your perfect audience is pretty awesome, even more, if it is for free. “Derrick Rose Knicks” is pretty basic and you probably need to be an authority to rank on page 1 there because it is way too simple and to the point.

A new blog is not an authority and there is no way for you to rank, no problem! I got you, friend. Even small blogs can be on the top but for small keywords, not big ones.

You need to start from the bottom, that is the best way to do it.

Small Keywords vs big Keywords

The difference

It does not mean short and long keywords, it is all about monthly searches.

You can use an amazing and free tool to find keywords with stats, you can difference a small one from a big one just for the number and the competition.

Google Keyword Planner Tool is perfect for you and free ( you can pay for advertising on keywords, you can explore that option if you want but use it to make your keywords research before writing any new content, make it a routine and get used to it.

– How to make a video // 35.000 monthly searches // medium competitionΒ 
– How to make a video from home // 950 monthly searches // low competition

Google made changes recently and you cannot see the exact numbers anymore, only an estimated, something like “100-1k” or “100k-1M”.

Now you can clearly see the difference between both keywords, the first one is only for an authority site and the second one is for small blogs with a low amount of traffic.

There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs.

You maybe think 950 is not too much, that is only from a single blog post, make 50 of them and the number will change quite a bit, crazy right?

You can easily rank for those small keywords, are you going to add these amazing tricks to your daily strategy? I hope you do.

in the middle of the desert
Follow these tips and tricks to be found!
Choosing a Keyword

Keywords Variation

Think about your target audience, optimize your content for them. If you need to write some ideas as well just do it! It can help you to find a cool idea when doing keywords research.

You found a niche for your blog post, like the same as before “how to make a video”. That is not very specific and there are a lot of related keywords to work with for example “how to make a video underwater”, “how to make a video go viral”, “how to make a video with pictures”, etc.

Mind blowing, right? You are getting all excited about all the potential I am showing you with keywords research, there is even more!

Awesome resources

Social Media & Forums

When your blog is not relevant yet you can use social networks to get noticed on search engines. Google+ is very good, my content ranks better there than on my blog. Same for YouTube, your video can rank very well even if you are not a trending channel.

Wake up, kick ass, repeat.

The key is always to rank for the proper keyword, start from the bottom with small keywords and grow from there!

Forums are also great! You can start a new thread and get ranked for a keyword in just a few minutes (only on trending forums, if the forum is not an authority you will not rank at all). You can know if it is trending for the activity or the stats, add Alexa’s plugin to your browser so you can know right away the information you want for any website.

SEO tip

Search Engine Tricks

Maybe you are not aware of this but you can actually go to Google and make some decent keywords research. Type whatever you want but do not press enter, add word by word and Google will recommend you related keywords you may find helpful, most of what Google show you are trending keywords.

The important details

Content Creation & SEO

Having your keyword all over your content will help you rank, optimizing the content with SEO tools can make a difference, a simple WordPress plugin like Yoast SEO is everything you need. Very user-friendly and anyone can use it, it helps a lot for social media and reading scores, you must check it out! It is a MUST HAVE.

I am not going to talk too much about SEO because I am doing an entire blog post for you, wait a few days, please!

Final notes


I know most people think about this like crazy science, trust me is not as hard as it sounds or looks, start doing it! Even if it is confusing at first, you will get used very fast and you do not need any previews knowledge to do some amazing keywords research.

A new blog is indexed on Google between 1-2 weeks, do not worry about that, you get better with experience.

Keywords with more than 3.000 monthly searches

Keywords with less than 3.000 monthly searches

Be aware of the competition when using Google Keyword Planner Tool, if you cannot find your perfect keyword try different variables as I told you, explore your niche!

I hope you get a lot of free and organic traffic with these amazing tricks, your strategy should have lots of keywords research, even if you do not need them now you can write all of them for future ideas. Remember, make it a routine before writing or filming new content.

Please let me know in the comments below if you need help with keywords or if you want to share your experience with them would be an amazing reading and great value for all the readers, thanks for your time here friend, best of lucks!

Best Regards,

Author: Nicolas Puegher

Blogger and entrepreneur. I like to share my experience to help people but also give good vibes and motivation.

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    1. No, thank you for commenting! You are right, many people find it hard and they feel like not digging into it for lack of knowledge, I want to help them all because this is not that hard as they think!

  1. It’s a much needed post, I’ve been looking for a post to read about keywords and how to choose the right ones, the Google trick I already use.
    Thanks for sharing these tips the post is very informative in a very cool way that is eye pleasing.

    1. No problem, I love to share all kind of tips to help everyone! Remember that using the Google trick you can’t know the number of monthly searches or the competition. Most of them are trending so they are probably big keywords, always check them with the Keyword Planner Tool to be sure.

  2. I’ve really wanted to focus more on my keywords but I didn’t know how to go about it. Your tips have headed me in the right direction and I’m headed over to check out the Google tool.

    1. Isn’t that hard as it looks like. Once you get used to finding keywords and writing with your keyword in mind per post, things will be smoothly and easy in a short time, if you still need help I am here to help you. Don’t give up on SEO because lots of people are looking for content like yours but they can’t find it.

  3. Great post with helpful info! Question: When I go to Google Keyword Planner Tool, it takes me to Google AdWords and makes me sign up for a campaign first with billing info. Do I have to go through that first before being able to use the Keyword Planner Tool?

    1. I suppose you are the same person on Facebook? I will answer it again just in case someone else has this problem. You don’t need to do anything or pay anything like a campaign, maybe your account it’s bugged for some reason, try again with other Gmail account. The same thing happened to another person and that was the solution πŸ™‚

  4. A very useful guide about keywords and its selection. Well choosing right keywords for any blogs are webistes is the most significant part in search engine optimization
    which help out webmasters to get some organic traffic.

    You have shared quality information in this regard.

  5. This is very good info, especially for those who are new to the whole SEO marketing strategy. It’s important to be updated with the keywords, that helps drive a lot of people into your site.

  6. Thanks for these great tips Nick! You have been so helpful for me in breaking keywords down into something manageable. I have been hesitant to really work on them… but you’ve given me confidence πŸ™‚

  7. Wow this was amazing! I definitely have to try this out. When I read your sentence ‘you are getting excited..’ I actually was! Great post.

  8. Its good to know that I’m not the only one confused with keywords, lol. This is definitely a lot easier to comprehend. Thanks for tips!

  9. Thank you for the article and the SEO plug in suggestion. I just started blogging 6 months ago and just newly switched to self hosting and I have been looking for ways, like this, to grow my blog even more!

    1. Awesome, Marie! The Yoast plugin is amazing and for me the best SEO plugin for WordPress. You can pay for a premium service but even the free version is amazing and better than any other plugin. I wish you luck with your blog πŸ™‚

  10. I don’t even try to go for the big keywords because I would end up in page 20 or something so ranking in a smaller pond, so to speak, is ok for now. Lots of really smart tips here!

    1. You are right, getting page 20 will not do anything and probably, 0 traffic. Having 50 small keywords for 200 visitors each = 10.000 visitors! You need to invest a little more time to get good results but while you are doing it your blog authority will grow as well adding more range for your keywords.

  11. Once again something super important for me! I’m so bad with these kind of things but your post made me understand those important things a bit better. Thanks!

  12. Thanks for the amazing post. Personally, I have always struggled a bit with keywords and SEO’s. But your post has helped me a lot to know a lot of things. Hope Ill be able to direct Keywords and SEO’s better after this.

    1. Thanks, Lloyd! Your blog is amazing, the reading and the style is very cool and I like your reports for people in the future to check that out. We have similar blogs in terms of goals and niche πŸ™‚

  13. I still don’t quite understand the keyword thing but am working on it.
    I also don’t understand why some people get a lot of comments on their actual blogs but I get comments on FB.
    Good help here.

    1. Keep working Kim! Trying is the best way for learning, you can do this! Is not that hard. If you have problems or questions, please send me a message and I will help. Having comments isn’t easy, you need to make few call to action for people to leave a comment, also you can try groups or communities on Facebook or Google+ where you can exchange comments for comments, will help a lot to get activity πŸ™‚

  14. Great blog! Lots of people struggle with SEO and keyword but you have put it all so straightforward and easy to understand for non-technical readers.

    1. Yes, Google+ can be very powerful. My Google+ profile has more authority than my site so far, same for forums. You can even leverage your blog posts with similar keywords and write a new one based on what you already have to rank on the first page using a forum πŸ™‚

  15. A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing this! Regardless I can’t get to grasps with SEO and catchphrases however understanding this has made it clearer for me.

    1. Yes, you can find a ton of them, but you need to pay a monthly subscription in order to use it. Most of these sites have even more features like helping you find your content on search engines in just 2 clicks for example or the exact number of backlinks and stats from other people.

  16. Keywords are one of the most important part of SEO. It’s very important to stay updated. Thanks for sharing these information with us! It’s a very nice topic.

  17. Super Informative & Helpful Post!! As a new blogger, a lot of these are terms that I’ve heard but don’t know much about… Great crash course! Thanks!!

  18. Much obliged to you for the article and the SEO plug in recommendation. I just began blogging 6 months prior and just recently changed to self facilitating and I have been searching for ways, similar to this, to develop my site much more!

  19. Most of Times while doing the Blogging newbie Blogger forgot about the Keyword Research.. But It’s very important factor while doing the Blogging.. You explained lots of things about Keyword Research…
    Semrush is another Tool to do the Keyword Research..

  20. thanks for the tipps. looks like I’m using the wrong keywords. I have been blogging for a while and using Yoast still I only get like 1500 Pageviews.

    Is there any book you can recommend on SEO? – I really want to master it.

    1. It’s hard to rank first in Google when you’re not an authority. Finding a good keyword is also hard, not only because everything is saturated but also because Google always change their tools. Now you can only find an estimated search result instead of the real number like before. I don’t know any book but I highly recommend to you to read these blogs, Moz, Backlinko and Ahrefs (this last one is very good, they have a very advanced SEO service you can use to find everything you need, it’s quite expensive but you can check out their YouTube channel to see what you can do with it and all the features.

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