SEO linking strategy to build up your authority as a brand

All you need is a good SEO linking strategy to start building your reputation online and become an authority.

SEO linking strategy for your business

Hello and welcome! As always I am very glad to see you here. SEO is very important for any blog, website or business so today I’m going to show you a proper SEO linking strategy that you need to learn and implement.

It does not matter if you have no experience because what I am going to teach you is very simple and anyone can do it, do you want to learn about SEO? I know you want so just keep reading.

SEO link building
The strategy you need to build a reputation.
The meaning behind link building

Why is this so important?

We can say that link building it is like the backbone of Google search. Having your site linked with another site shows value, not only for you but Google as well. This will generate more engagement and will benefit your rank factor. You definitely need a proper SEO linking strategy to get found on any search engine.

The benefits for you

What we all want

Building good links will do much more than just increase your rank, for example:

  • Conversions rate increase
  • Build new and solid relationships
  • Brand awareness
  • Navigation improvement

I am going to talk a little bit about each one of them. This way you will see how important it is to have a good SEO linking strategy. If you have experience with this, I would love to know from you. Other people can benefit from your knowledge as well so please, leave a comment about it.

Conversions rate increase

The details

Ranking for your target keywords will lead relevant traffic to your blog or website. The conversions rate will increase.

When a popular site links your site, your authority will increase drastically. If your site is your main source of income, this is very important and crucial for success.

If you master the art behind a good SEO linking strategy, these are the results that will increase your conversions rate:

  • Increase opt-ins
  • Drive traffic to increase product sales
  • Higher chances for selling banner space
  • Increase click-through to other areas of your site
Build new and solid relationships

The details

Linking other people will be crucial when building relationships online. For example, mentioning others in your content can be very good. They are more likely to link your content and create a relationship, which can lead you to success in the future.

You can just link relevant content you like inside your post but never forget to build internal links. Internal links are almost the same but the difference is that they link relevant content from your site.

Content like interviews or guides could be great when you want to link someone else. Collaboration is a great way to do it too, creating content with other people will get you exposure.

Brand awareness

The details

Having people linking your site will create trust towards your business. This is how other people know that you have good content relevant to what they want.

The internet is massive so you need to stand out from the rest. The best way to do it is with a good SEO linking strategy. To build up your brand awareness you need to build your authority first.

Your reputation will increase if you have a lot of other sites linking back to you for your great content or your relationship with them. Having more links will give you more value.

This also helps the search engine as well, the more reputation your site can achieve, the users will find out your content more often.

SEO, in general, is great but link building is just one part of SEO. For example, you want to rank #1 for certain keyword. That is not easy to do. Now, think if one site ranking #1 links your site in their post. See where I am going?

Even making a guest post for that particular blog will help you. You need to find a site that allows you to leave a link. A few blogs will just want your guest post and will not allow you to leave a link, that is not good.

You can start your SEO linking strategy right now, instead of waiting to rank, make traffic from another authority site.

SEO linking strategy
Start with the right foot.
Navigation improvements

The details

Navigation is very important for your success and your business. With a good SEO linking strategy, you can improve your navigation and relevance. This way people can find more of your content, read more of it and you know what you will receive from that.

Internal links will make it easier for your traffic to find relevant content with more chances of engagement.

This will not only increase your authority when ranking but also is very important for indexing your site.

Final notes


You already know that if you can make more conversions, you make more profit. To do so, you need to get more exposure by ranking well on search engines.

To rank well you need to be an authority, you can build your reputation with a good SEO linking strategy. Good content is always good but what is the point if people cannot find you?

You can create the best content out there with the best optimization for that particularly small and good keyword, still, a lot of people rank better than you with irrelevant content. Why? Because they have authority.

Once you have a great authority it will be easy for you to rank for a lot of keywords at the same time. The best way to build up your authority fast is by other people linking to your site. It would be by guest posting, relationships, collaboration or them adding your site for good content.

Internal links are very important as well because the more pages people read, Google will notice and say “hey this site is very popular”. If people just watch a single page, that is not a good sign.

People do not take a lot of time to find content or using the search bar from your site but if they see some internal links in a post they are interested they will definitely want to read the relevant content you created.

That is all for now, I hope you find it helpful. Do you have any experience creating a good SEO linking strategy? Share your valuable knowledge with us! Just leave an awesome comment because helpful tips are always welcome here.

If you have any questions related to this topic, do not hesitate and ask! I will try my best to help you out. Have an amazing week friend.

Best regards,

Author: Nicolas Puegher

Blogger and entrepreneur. I like to share my experience to help people but also give good vibes and motivation.

8 thoughts on “SEO linking strategy to build up your authority as a brand”

    1. The easiest way is to find an authority site that wants guest posts and allows you to leave follow link in your name or even the post. You can even find those big resources posts where they link helpful content, you can contact them and ask them to add some of your content that would be a nice fit there. Maybe finding a very related topic where you can contact him and share once of your posts saying that it could be relevant to their audience and help the post to get more weight.

  1. Hey Nicolas,

    Indeed a Great Post.

    There are number of ways to build authority links, that help us build brand, but for me links were never important, as my focus remains on building relationships with other bloggers & trust me, it is the best way to build a brand.

    When you are having a good relation with many top bloggers, your post will be shared by them, you will get great links and hence your blog will become a brand, although it takes some time to do so, but it can be done.

    ~ Jenny

    1. I agree with you, making relationships is always important but isn’t easy and takes a lot of time. It’s a long-term strategy, the same way you share good content you like, they will do the same.

    1. I’m not sure what do you mean by increasing your site keyword. If you have a primary keyword, keep writing content for that particular keyword or related keyword but the best way is to pick a general topic and write a lot of different keywords, all related to the general topic of course, not random ones.

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