Setting goals! The strategy you need for success

Don’t get overwhelmed for not setting goals! You’re chasing your main objective with small and achievable goals that you can do very fast.

Setting goals featured

Setting goals is something you need from day one to keep you motivated

Hello, friend! Welcome once again. Today’s topic is about setting goals, a vital strategy that you must know. Going after a goal without a proper plan is not going to work but knowing your goals in advance will help you build a strategy to follow. Want to know how to do it? Keep reading.

Setting goals
An essential strategy for your business.

Your main goal

First, all you have to do is pretty simple. Think about what is your principal goal, that long-term objective you dream of, ok?

Obviously, it will take time, and there is no way to achieve it fast. Shortcuts are not possible, and you must work hard and put a lot of effort into it.

Once you have your main goal in your mind, you have to break it into small and achievable goals. You definitely need a strategic plan to follow.

Sub goals

Small and achievable goals

Something you can achieve fast, it could be anything. For example, if your main goal is to make $2.000 a month with an online business, you will need a couple of things first, right?

I am not sure what kind of business you have in mind but to keep up with the example, I am going to talk about blogging.

A small goal to start with could be something like having 100 visitors a month or per week. Maybe reaching a 100 followers milestone on social media, you follow me? That way you can get things done.

You think that is something hard to achieve? Of course not, you can do it pretty fast.

Working every single day hoping to make $2.000 a month with no results will drive you crazy, you will lose motivation and probably quit.

The motivation

Something you need to not give up

Now, achieving these small goals will keep you motivated because you are getting results for your time and dedication!

Maybe to reach the main goal you need to achieve 100 small goals, but you can do it step by step! Once you completed a small goal, go for the next one.

If you need to change your small goals, do it! No problem at all.

This is the best way to approach your main objective, dealing with small but achievable goals in a short amount of time will benefit you.
These positive vibes are essential not to lose motivation.

Your dreams are at risk if you do not do it properly.


Failure is part of success

You are not perfect, failure is normal! Even if you fail, just keep going because to be successful you need to fail first. Do you think every successful people went from nothing to success right away?

No, you do not see the dark side, and because of that you think that never happened, trust me, it happened.

Each week track your results and analyze everything to know what is giving you great results. You can also learn from your failures.

Maybe you are spending a lot of valuable time in something that is not working at all and investing no time in what’s working for you.

If you try to go after your main goal right away, you will get overwhelmed, and you will quit for sure. Do you want that? Of course, you do not.

Final notes


Setting goals should be your main priority from day one. Nothing is more important than your plan. Without a plan, you have nothing.

When you have your small goals ready, do them! Just having a plan will do nothing if you don’t take action. You got this.

Having your goals near you will be an amazing boost of motivation, every time you are working you can check them out.

I know some people that want to help their families financially and travel around the world. That’s the reason why they have pictures of their family members on a board right to their desks with pictures of places they want to go.

Every time they need the motivation to keep going, they just flip their eyes and see all these pictures. That is why you are doing this, and that is your fuel.

Now, tell me. Are you setting goals? Remember, you are not avoiding your main goal, you are working towards that particular objective but with small and achievable goals in a short amount of time.

That is everything, for now, I hope you like it, and I wish you an amazing day.

Best regards,

Author: Nicolas Puegher

Blogger and entrepreneur. I like to share my experience to help people but also give good vibes and motivation.

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