Tips for new bloggers, what to do and how to do it!

People find it hard to start a blog, today I will share with you simple tips to help you get things done. Do not fear and just do it! You do not need to be an expert, you can learn in the process and get better as well.

Tips for new bloggers

Tips for new bloggers looking to improve their experience

Hello, friend! Always a pleasure to see you here. Today I have something great to share with you. If you are looking to start a blog but do not know what to do to get things rolling I have great ideas and tips for new bloggers, even if you have some experience you can find something helpful for sure, hope you enjoy it.

Tips for new bloggers
Everything you need to start with.
Get ideas from your audience

Your audience is everything

This can be very helpful, your readers and followers are everything for you, even if in the beginning you do not have any when someone asks for something it would be a great idea to create something about that.

You are not only engaging with them but also they feel important because you are caring for them. You need to love all of them and read all that they have to say, it could be on social media as well there is no need to be just from your blog, make them feel welcome and appreciate! This is one of the best tips for new bloggers.

Understand your audience

Get to know them

Instead of doing random things or topics that can wait, pay a close attention to your social media networks because maybe you did some quotes with an amazing engage, maybe a tweet went viral or have more interaction than the rest, if people respond well to certain topic, that is an amazing sign for you to create content about it, give them what they want!

Write for yourself at first

For the sake of writing

This is your day one, writing for yourself and ignoring the fact that other people can read it can be great to start with. Focus on your ideas and try to understand how to put those things into words.

You have nobodyΒ reading, no followers, nothing. You have your blog and nothing else, sounds hard, right? We have been there as well and when I say we I mean every blogger out there.

The moment you start seeing people interested in your content, you should apply the tips above this one, finding loyal followers is hard but losing them is super easy, make a commitment and work hard.

You do not have to feel fear about it, thinking about no one liking your content, no one reading your blog or negative thoughts like you are not a good writer, just to it! You get better by doing it, the experience is everything and also makes perfection.

Love your existing readers

They are everything!

Do not get obsessed finding more readers or followers to the point where you ignore a loyal one who is there from day one, spend time each day to show your audience you care about them, provide value and help, they deserve it. One loyal follower is better than 25 random readers.

Focus on building an amazing call to action

Do this and that!

Maybe you need to try different things until you find what works for you and what does not work, do not worry about it because is very normal. There is no way to make things happen on the first try.

When talking about tips for new bloggers, one of the things that comes to my mind at first is to avoid feeling overwhelmed for failure. Every time you fail is not a real failure, you just found a way that does not work.

Call to action is very important, not only for social media but for your blog too. Maybe you did 2 or 3 similar posts about something related to your new post, link them all! Recommend your readers to check that out because they will find it helpful and since it is related to the new topic, they will love it.

This is similar to YouTube, where after watching a video you can see at the right all different videos from other people quite similar to the one you just saw, this is exactly the same.

There is no need to always recommend your content, if you find a cool post related to your new topic, link another blog! You are adding value to your own post but also the other blogger will know you did that checking the stats, he will be very likely to do the same.

Give stuff for free

For free? Where do I sign up?

Free content can add great value to your readers, they will become loyal followers for sure, we all love free stuff and if it is super helpful even more.

It could be anything, a free ebook, a private article, a private video, even a free hosting or something where you invest something to give thanks to your loyal followers. Provide value, be a problem solver and they will love you instantly.

Be consistent

Key for success

Consistency is super important and most people forgot about it. It is easier to lose followers rather than finding new ones as I told you before. Another example from YouTube, if you have subscribers and you always upload a video at weekends, most of your followers will be looking for the new content at weekends.

What would happen if they cannot find any new content in weeks or months? They will probably unsubscribe because does not worth their time anymore. The same happens here, people read your stuff because they like it, if you are consistent they will respond but if you go inactive for a while they can be gone forever.

A radio station is another great example, if you are a fan of some radio show, you know exactly when they are on air. Imagine if you cannot find them anymore, you clearly will think they are not serious enough, moving on and finding a new radio show to fill the black hole.

Being consistent and taking action on a regular basis is one of the best tips for new bloggers, no matter what you are doing take real action and make things happen.


Hope you find not only inspiration but also helpful tips to start with or get better! If you have questions about it please leave a comment below and if you already have experience feel free to add value so everyone can learn from you as well! Have an amazing day.

Best Regards,

Author: Nicolas Puegher

Blogger and entrepreneur. I like to share my experience to help people but also give good vibes and motivation.

70 thoughts on “Tips for new bloggers, what to do and how to do it!”

  1. Out of all of those you mention, I will say being consistent is number one.

    Pushing through the tough times will push you toward above the rest who are just playing around with blogging.

  2. These are great Nicholas. I’m going on vacation in the fall – I was planning to unplug for two weeks but your take on consistency has got me thinking! Decisions decisions.

    1. That’s ok! You can queue all your things and go to vacations without any problem. Also I recommend you if you have some social media accounts to let your followers know that you are going to be offline for 2 weeks πŸ™‚

  3. These are so helpful. I think it’s important to pay attention to your readers, they are what helps drive traffic to your site after all. I’m sure a lot of new bloggers will appreciate these tips!

  4. Awesome tips and Ideas. Consistency is my biggest struggle but I’m working on it.
    I set blogging goals with action plans every week and it has really increased my productivity.

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. I am glad to hear that Izuzu! Keep doing your best, think of it as a real business and force you to get things done. Same as your job, you can’t say “today I don’t do anything”, find that commitment even if you are not doing any money now, it will pay off.

  5. Aawww, Nicolas! You are giving such incredible value here. I am comforted by your tip “Write for yourself at First” because that’s the stage I’m at right now, the very beginning.

    And you are right – Consistency is vital. Sadly, this is where I slipped up!

    I tremendously appreciate the time, effort, and care you’ve put into this blog post to help us on our Blogging journey, the ones starting out as well as welcome reminders to those who have gone on ahead.

    To your continued success and dedication for the rest of 2016!


    1. I am glad to see you here Susette and also welcome to the blogging world. I highly recommend you to check out my other posts because you can find really helpful tips, resources, and guides to help you get better at blogging. Do your best, if you need help in some way, don’t hesitate and contact me here or on Facebook, I wish you luck!

  6. Great tips, I’m glad you emphasized the importance of engaging with the audience in social media networks. I also love the idea about writing for yourself when you start, and the ‘excuse’ you provide πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing!

  7. Great post. I’ve been a writer much longer than a blogger so I definitely feel that you need to love what you write. If you’ve got confidence in your posts then the rest comes easier (although, it’s not EASY!)

    1. Of course, isn’t easy at all! But that’s the fun part, beating a challenge is fun because is hard and when you do it you feel like a god. You can’t feel the same if you do everything quite easy with no effort.

    1. Amazing tip Julie, you’re totally right. If you are not having fun doing it, it feels like any other regular job and that’s not good. Thanks for your comment and for sharing an amazing tip πŸ™‚

  8. What great tips for bloggers I think new and old. This is my first year of serious blogging and I have to say consistency is still something that I need to work on!

  9. awesome tips. Yes, you are right about linking to other blogs from other bloggers, if they related to your post, just make sure that you give those bloggers a shoutout, so they can check out your post in return. And maybe share it? Blessings!

  10. Great post and ideas. Newbies always have the “what do I write about” questions. Write for yourself to start is good. Teach yourself what you learned yesterday is a place to begin and consistency is key

  11. This Was the post i was Searching For…There was some confusion in my mind which has been cleared by this Post. I praise the author for his writing skill and creativity. Thanks for sharing the post and helping bloggers like us…

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