Tips to start a blog like a pro from day one

Simple tips to start a blog, if you want to be a blogger you should do it. This is something that anyone can do and if you like to share your passion with other people who share the same passion as you, there is no reason to hold back anymore.

Tips to start a blog

Tips to start a blog the proper way

Hi! Great to see you here again, if you are new, welcome to my humble blog. I want to share with you some of my experience with these tips to start a blog and help you do it the right way from day one, hope you enjoy it.

Today I am quite tired but nothing will stop me when I am working for my awesome blog and for my great readers.

Tips to start a blog
Everything you need to start a blog

The basics

With millions of blogs out there, you need to start with the right foot because it will be hard to stand out from the rest if you do random things from the beginning, I am here to help you get started, with these tips to start a blog you do not need to worry about anything, I got you.

Your main focus

Pick a niche or topic

Having your own niche or topic is the most important thing for your blog, it will be your content but also your audience.

You will be creating great and valuable content related to your niche, finding one could be hard for some people but should be something you are interested about or willing to learn, something you like.

It is very important because if you are not interested you will not have the motivation to write about it and engage with other people.

You do not need to be an expert but if you are that is great because you can share your knowledge right away with confidence.

If you are not, do not worry too much since you care about the niche you will be doing a lot of reading and learning while doing it, you can leverage all your new experience and share it with your readers.

Picking a niche just to make money will not work, you will feel lazy and probably quit in the end but if you enjoy what you create, the content can be better and your passion will help you to connect with other people having the same passion as you.

In my case my niche is internet marketing, I like it a lot, I enjoy learning and sharing my experience with other people, helping them is one of my main goals as a blogger and when I do it I feel good.

I always try to write about something I know but if I find something cool to write about but I do not have too much experience, I will do a good research before writing any content so I can provide valuable information like these tips to start a blog, they are all pure leverage of my own experience.

Do not worry about money because you can make money from any niche, could be food, could be history, could be anything you like and enjoy.

You got this.

Besides your blog, you will have social media accounts not only to engage with your followers but also to find other people doing the same as you, that is why you should pick something you truly like so you can turn your passion into words and content.

Your brand image

Creating your avatar

Having a great avatar will help you to get noticed and share some information about you or your blog when posting on other blogs or even on your own posts as a signature or author bio.

I have one myself, at the end of any of my post you can see my signature where I have a picture of mine with a short description. Since I am branding myself I have a picture with my face, if you create your own brand you can use that or something you like.

When talking about tips to start a blog, something simple as an avatar can make a difference so you better have it as soon as possible.

People can learn more about me just reading my signature and when I post somewhere else, I have the same avatar so people can identify me right away.

There are a lot of signature plugins for WordPress but most of them use Gravatar, you can create your account there and edit it at any time, your plugin will reflect your customization automatically.

The bones of your site

Hosting and domain

I highly recommend to start with your own hosting and domain from day one, but you can always test the waters with a free blog while you learn everything. When you feel more comfortable, move to a private hosting with your domain, there is no rush.

If you want to start a free blog, you can read my other post here.

With a free blog, you do not need any investment but you do not have full control, with your own domain and hosting you have full control, in other words, you can do whatever you want with it.

I use Hostgator, you can find great offers there and you do not need to go somewhere else since you can get hosting and domain from them, I highly recommend them, one of the best tips to start a blog is to check out Hostgator.

Could be scared at the beginning but trust me, this is not complicated and anyone can do it, just go for it.

The real deal

Content creation

Once you have your niche, creating valuable content should be your priority number one. Do not copy other posts or articles because your reputation is everything and Google does not like that, your posts will not rank at all.

There are eyes everywhere, do not underestimate the internet. You can find tips to start a blog everywhere as well, Google is a very helpful tool and you must use it as much as possible to find different options.

Make your own content from scratch, that is the best way to stand out from the rest, having original content with your personality will make a huge difference.

You can always make a research and read other blogs to find inspiration to create your own piece of content.

Once you get used to it, you will start adding different things like your own style, writing a post could be quite fun, I am sure you will like it. There is a first time for everything, take your time there is no need to make things fast.

Having consistency should be another priority, make a routine and stick with it. Maybe you can write a post daily, maybe one per week or once per month, it does not matter what you choose but always stay active for your readers, finding people could be hard but losing them is way too easy, remember that.

You may find helpful another post I made about developing a strategic plan to follow to avoid distractions or any other issue in your journey, you can read it here.

My other post about getting things done could be helpful for you as well, I highly recommend you to read it. You can find it here.

Project launch

Now it is time to launch your blog so people can start reading and engaging with you. It is not a requirement to have everything perfect before doing it, you will learn and get better with experience.

If you wait to have the perfect blog you will never launch it at all, just do it. These tips to start a blog are not a guide, they are just tips to help you get started and give you some motivation to get things done.

If not you then who? If not now then when?

You will add plugins, change your theme, add more content and improve your skills with time just doing it. Focus on your project first, when you feel ready you can add social media to your strategy as a traffic source for your blog, there is no rush so take your time and get your blog ready before thinking about doing something else.

The best tips to start a blog that I can give are doing it and being active. You can change or add anything with more experience, do not be afraid of anything, if you need help with something you can always ask me and I will help you for sure.

Make sure to have some content before having your blog online, unless you know what you are doing people will not do much if you only have a single post.

I recommend you to make the first post about you, you can check my first post to find inspiration because that is exactly what I want you to do, you can read it here.

The right path from day one
Take your time because this is not a race

Traffic and promotion

This is the funny part, now you can start doing some social media and promote your site. Free traffic can be the best source but it will be hard to start with, consistency is everything. Building a small community will help you as well and if you can expand it the results can be huge.

When talking about tips to start a blog, traffic and promotion are quite important but not easy to achieve. Even if you have the best piece of content, people cannot find your site or your social media account, the best for you is to participate on different groups or pages where your audience is.

The beginning is always the hardest.

You should test a lot of different traffic sources to find the best for you so you can focus more on that and be more effective. Depending on your niche different social networks will have different results, that is why you need to test a few of them but not all of them at the same time because you will get overwhelmed, pick one or two and add another one when you feel ready.

If you can invest money into your long-term business do not hesitate and pay for some quality traffic to speed things up, but if you go for free traffic remember that it will take time. In the end, free traffic can be your main source but there is no way to have awesome results in a short time because new accounts will never have too much reach.

Try to be active and share funny things, do not promote your site all day long, share other content as well. Something like 80% funny and engagement and 20% promotion will be the best.

SEO is another way to generate traffic but I will write a full blog post about it in the future.

What we all want

Monetize and make some money

For newbie bloggers, Google Adsense it is the most effective, great to start with. If you have the experience you can always promote products with affiliate marketing, something related to your niche to get a commission for each sale. Do not think too much about making money right away because even with Google Adsense you need traffic otherwise, you will not be making any money at all.

The licensing model is almost the same, but the difference is that with the licensing model you own the client, with the classic affiliate marketing you get a commission for a single sale while in the other one you have commissions for any sale from the same person. Same as SEO do not worry too much about this topic because there is a lot of things to say and I will be writing a full blog post about it.

The best method is to create your own products but you need a lot of experience before doing it, creating a sales funnel is not easy and you need to improve it quite often.

Creating an email list would be great for you, offering something with great value for free for an exchange of their emails will allow you to promote to them good products but also help them providing awesome content, same rule as social media, 80% value, 20% promotion.

Focus on your site first because you need to be an authority to do anything. When you start seeing some results you make your first money online, until then create awesome content and be active. In the future, you can even create your own tips to start a blog with all the knowledge learned by pure experience.

Final notes


I will be writing more tips and content to help you with your blog but these tips are quite basic and I think they are important for anyone looking to start a blog.

Everything is connected and could be overwhelming at first but trust me, you will get used to it. In the end, it will be like brushing your teeth, it will be automatically.

Finding a niche should be your priority, then start creating content about it. Be original, if you are stuck do something else and try again later, you can always find inspiration somewhere else but remember not to copy other content.

Make sure to have an avatar and start building your empire on social media to generate traffic, engage with other people and share their content as well.

With these simple tips to start a blog, you will be fine. Leave a comment below if you have any question or if you want to add something I would appreciate. What are you waiting to have your own blog? Be a blogger as me you will love it, I am sure.

Nothing else to say, have a great week!

Best regards,

Author: Nicolas Puegher

Blogger and entrepreneur. I like to share my experience to help people but also give good vibes and motivation.

52 thoughts on “Tips to start a blog like a pro from day one”

  1. This is good information. I use a free blog site right now. As I can’t afford to run a blog without earning on it. I am not selling anything on it. I was an Amazon affliate but I had not received any sales. So, they took me out.

    1. Keep blogging Sandy! Even if you have a free blog right now you can make good results if you keep working hard, you will be able to have your own blog in the future. If you need help with anything I am here for you.

  2. Great Post! I think I have found that the biggest process when it comes to blogging is the promotion afterwards, i found making my site fairly easy, although i did change my mind on platforms a few times.

    1. Thanks, Imogen! Yes, the promotion could be hard even if you have great content. People cannot find a blog they do not know and if you are not an authority you cannot make traffic from Google or any other search engine, social media is super important but building a fan base is not easy but is possible with hard work!

  3. NICE Post Nicholas! These are really some of the fundamentals to starting a successful blog! You really put all the basic pieces of the puzzle together here so that any newbie blogger can learn and get started on the correct path to a successful blog. Love how included the Gravatar here as well Google Adsense as a lot of beginner bloggers don’t know about that stuff. Anyways, well rounded post and sound advice! Great Job Nicolas!

    1. Thanks, Todd! I am glad to see you here mate. This post is from my experience, trying my best to help other people because doing it well from day one can make a huge difference!

  4. These are FAB tips! I wish I had come across this article earlier. Would have helped me so much but I can at least share it with the new bloggers now.

    1. Thank you, Fatima! Our experience can help other people to avoid mistakes, seems like you learned by trying but that is ok as well! Maybe you can do a similar blog post sharing all your experience and knowledge 🙂

    1. A lot of people out there are thinking about starting a blog but most of them will never do it for lack of experience, with this post I am trying to help them so they can be bloggers and share their passion or even make a business.

  5. I love how many details were put into this list. There are so many small things that if you don’t do it will put you back. Great list!

  6. These are great tips! I would only add one more – get ready to work hard! I had to take on several roles and put in more hours than I expected when I started (and even now). Which is why you should blog about something you’re passionate about. That will keep you going 🙂

    1. Exactly! Thank you for adding your experience to the post, I appreciate that. You are right Jolina, working hard will be the only way to make a great blog, that is why picking the right niche will make a difference, if you have a passion it will be easier to write about it and share great knowledge.

  7. Very informative post Nicholas. I wish I had read this before I started blogging, I’ve pretty much had to learn it all on my own lol! Great tips and I can tell you have put a lot into this post. Lovely that you are trying to help the newbies too!

    1. Thanks to you for leaving a comment, Robert! 2003? That is quite a long time, you are a veteran blogger! You should write your experience as well so other people can learn from your sharp skills.

  8. I totally agree – you have to write about something that interests you or others will not be inspired. I have only been blogging for about 9 or 10 weeks, and it was really scary at first! Getting set up with AdSense is the next step for me.

  9. This was a great post, Nicolas, very informative. Even though I have found my niche, I find it extremely difficult to target readers that belong genuinely to the same niche. Well, probably because the blog is new as well. Getting traffic and money is great, but definitely blogging only gets better when you get to interact with those who share your passions:)

    1. Thank you, Nya! With the blog being new it will be hard to find readers because they do not know you or cannot find you. Also, they do not trust you either, they want to know if you are willing to create content with a regular schedule, if not they feel like wasting their time. If the niche interest you, interacting with others and finding them, will be easy 🙂

  10. Great post! I’ve been a writer for 6 years but only launched my blog in December 2015. I completely agree that you have to have a passion for what you’re writing about – otherwise, what’s the point?!

  11. Great post, wish I had read something like this when I started blogging, but I guess it’s never too late to learn some new stuff to develop and help grow my blog.

  12. Fantastic advice!!!! You really should start a blog on what YOU love! I have had a few friends see my success as a blogger and try to copy the same thing I do just to make money. Only problem is that they are NOT into the things I write about so when I touch on a subject from the heart, when they attempt it sounds overly fake. They always end up quitting when people stop reading there fake post lol….

    1. Exactly, they want to do the same as you but they do not really care about your niche, even if they find some results it feels like a regular job where you do what matters just for money and not for interest, when picking something you love your passion will be on any post and that is the best way to connect with the readers.

  13. some see blogging as just about writing but forget that the audience is what keeps you going, write well and trust me people will keep coming back for… great write up.

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